Process to activate a Cash App card

14:39, Saturday, 16 January, 2021
Process to activate a Cash App card
     Recently Cash App has launched its debit card that is also known as the cash card. Cash App users can activate cash app cards on the Android or iPhone, of mobile phone. First, you need to order the cash card, and once you receive it, you do not need to carry cash with you always.
     But for this, you must know how to activate a Cash App card. It is required to activate it to use the card to make fast payment and withdraw money at any ATM. It is also worth noting that the process to activate a Cash App card is quite simple and straightforward.
     A cash app user can go for cash app card activation with two processes. The one is to activate the Cash App card with a QR code and without using it.
     Steps for Cash App card activation:

     • Log into your Cash App account and select the cash card icon.
     • Here choose the Activate cash card to initiate the card activation process.
     • If you have the QR code then use the mobile camera and scan it
     • And for activating cash card without QR code use the option of CVV code and expiry date
     • Once you enter all the required details your Cash app card is ready to use.
Source: Alisha Marie
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