Mojang Targets Repositories of Browser-Based Minecraft Copy 'Eaglercraft'

10:20, Thursday, 25 April, 2024
Mojang Targets Repositories of Browser-Based Minecraft Copy 'Eaglercraft'

In a recent move, Mojang, the renowned creator of Minecraft, has set its sights on the browser-based Minecraft variant known as Eaglercraft. This crackdown involved the removal of 92 repositories from GitHub, with Mojang citing copyright and trademark infringements. Eaglercraft, a free-to-play Minecraft version accessible via web browsers, has been a target for Mojang due to its alleged unauthorized use of Minecraft code and assets.

Minecraft, the brainchild of Markus "Notch" Persson and now under the umbrella of Microsoft-owned Mojang Studios, stands as one of the most iconic and best-selling video games in history. With over 238 million copies sold since its launch in 2011, Minecraft continues to captivate a vast audience worldwide.

Eaglercraft, offering players the ability to enjoy Minecraft directly within their web browsers, has garnered attention for its accessibility and free-of-charge model. However, Mojang's recent actions reflect its commitment to protecting its intellectual property, prompting the removal of repositories associated with Eaglercraft from GitHub.

The takedown notice issued by Mojang pointed to trademark and copyright violations, alleging that Eaglercraft's repositories contained decompiled code from Minecraft 1.3 and exhibited a 100% reuse of Minecraft's code and assets. Mojang emphasized that such actions contravene the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Terms of Use governing Minecraft's distribution and modification.

This isn't the first time Mojang has targeted browser-based versions of Minecraft, nor is eaglercraft a new subject of scrutiny. In recent months, Mojang has been vigilant in pursuing the removal of unauthorized copies of Minecraft available online.

Eaglercraft's developer, known as "lax1dude, " responded to Mojang's actions by temporarily removing the code from their website. However, lax1dude's GitHub account remains active, featuring an "EaglercraftX 1.8" repository providing tools and instructions for decompiling Minecraft 1.8.

While Mojang may view lax1dude's repository as contentious, the developer asserts that it contains no copyrighted code or infringing content. Nevertheless, the use of Minecraft images and trademarks could still potentially invite further scrutiny from Mojang.

As of the time of publication, lax1dude's EaglercraftX 1.8 repository remains online, with the developer adamantly asserting its compliance with legal standards and challenging any potential attempts by Mojang to take it offline.

The ongoing dispute between Mojang and lax1dude underscores the complexities surrounding the use of copyrighted material in the realm of game development and modding communities. As Minecraft continues to evolve and inspire creativity among its fanbase, the issue of intellectual property protection remains a paramount concern for both developers and enthusiasts alike.

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