On-line journalist

Online Journalist Dear students, beginners and experienced journalists

We have an unprecedented opportunity for those who have a professional education or are still students and are engaged in journalism and want to work with MAMUL.am news agency or any other news agency and those who want to create their own electronic media or simply want to publish their articles, photoshoots and videos.

By registering for “Spokesperson” of MAMUL.am news agency as an “Individual”, you can personally put and publish articles. Articles can be from any sphere: politics, culture, sports and science.

Our professionals carefully watch after all publications: the authors, whose articles stand out by their uniqueness, are literate in Armenian (or any other language), are well read and have positive feedback will be kindly invited to work in MAMUL.am news agency.

Conditions Required:
1. To register with your real name
2. To leave a full personal information
3. To leave a contact phone number or any other contact
4. To learn the general conditions of «Spokesperson»
5. To maintain the requirements of the registration contract.

To register, click here.