Online advertising

On the rules and conditions of online marketing

Online marketing is a tool with the help of which every person registered in the «Spokesperson» is able to promote his or other users' posts as well as to post advertisement in the .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf versions. You can advertise any type of announcement, website, goods and service that do not contradict with our conditions and the RA Legislation.

The post promotion and advertising placement is a paid service.

1. General provisions
The following regulates the promotion of posts and placement of banners, work, terms, procedure and conditions of usage.

2. Code of ethics and rules
The promotion of such posts and posting of such banners that in any way contradict with the RA Legislation or the conditions of Registration agreement of the «Spokesperson» or the rules of ethics is prohibited.

3. Moderation (Regulation)
The moderation of promoted posts and advertising banners is implemented by our moderator. The moderators has the exclusive right to decide whether Your or third parties' operations are in compliance with these terms and to block, delete, not to post the advertising banners and promoted post without informing You about it. All those advertisements and promoted posts that will violate the terms of usage will be rejected and will not be displayed / published. In this case the payment will be transferred to the Wallet of Your page, that you cannot receive back in cash but You can use it for promotion of other posts or placing other advertisement banners.

4. Payment
You can pay for the promoting of posts or placing of advertising banners with the help of Wallet in the “Spokesperson”, SMS, ArCa virtual card, Idram internet payment system, Visa and MasterCard cards.

a) via SMS
For the payment via SMS it is necessary
1) To choose a pricing option
2) Press the charge / pay button
3) To send the request via SMS and follow the further instructions

b) ArCa virtual Card
For the payment through virtual cards it is necessary to enter
1) The number of the virtual card,
2) Password,
3) Characters written in the below
After that pressing the «OK» button you will finish the operation. The payment is implemented with the ArCa, MasterCard, Visa and American Express virtual cards.

c) Idram mobile payment system
To access the payment system it is necessary to enter
1) Idram ID (nine-digit number)
2) Password
After accessing the system press the «Enter» button.
For making a payment with Idram mobile payment system it is necessary to enter:
1) PIN code
2) Verifying numbers.

If You do not have an Idram account, You can create it by pressing the «Register» button and completing the registration process. Then You can make the payment. No other additional precondition, such as a bank account is needed during registration in Idram.

d) Via Visa and MarsterCard cards.
For making payments with Visa and MasterCard cards it is necessary to enter
1) The cardholder's name and surname,
2) The number written in the card,
3) The expiry date of the card
4) CVV2/CVC2 field.
Then You should press the «Pay now» button and finish the deal.

e) Yandex.Деньги, WebMoney
To access the Yandex.Деньги, WebMoney payment system it is necessary to enter:
1) login
2) password
Then You should confirm and follow the instructions.

5 . Money refund procedure
The money paid for promotion of post or placing of advertisement that has been rejected or blocked by the moderator are not refunded in cash, through bank transfers or by any other means. This money is fully transferred to the Wallet of the user’s page in «Spokesperson», who has made the payment and may be used for promotion of other posts and placement of other advertisements at any time.

6. Security
The rules of security for promoted posts and advertisement banners are defined by the safety rules stated in the Registration agreement. MAMUL.am is not responsible for the third parties' activities, the content of their posts and the copyright violations and violations of the «RA Law on Media» and the following conditions. While using links from other websites in promoted posts and advertisement banners it should be taken into account that MAMUL.am news agency does not guarantee the safety and security of these websites. You are the only one to bear the responsibility for the consequences of Your visits to such websites.

7. Privacy Statement
We may collect and store the following personal information.
• E-mail address, first and second names, phone numbers, so on,
• Banking details if the payment is made through bank transfer. We do not possess any information on Your payment card (credit or debit) as the online payments are made exclusively through Arca and PayPal payment systems as well as through partner banks.
• The history of Your payments in the website, the list of Your preferred goods and so on,
• The correspondence with us (including chat and email letters).
The usage of information
The primary purpose of our collecting personal information is to provide You with safe, convenient, efficient and personal services. Hereby You agree that we may use Your personal information for the following purposes:
• Providing assistance and services you requested,
• Measurement and improvement of our services, content and advertising quality,
• Clarification and report of additional information via phone call or by email in non-standard situations,
• Sending email and other types of letters as an answer to Your request on the confirmation of the order and information on the incorrectly filled fields (ex., promotional offers, if you are subscribed to our mailing service).
Non-disclosure of information
The information You provided us is considered exclusively confidential and cannot be provided to any other third party without a relevant court decision.
Account protection
Your password is the key for the log in into Your account. While choosing a password You should use a unique combination of numbers, letters and special characters. Do not trust Your password to others. If You are doing it anyway, remember, that You are the only one to be responsible for the actions done from Your account. In case the password is lost, You may restore it with the help of the website by pressing the “Forgot Your password” directive next to the “Login” button.

8. Other
MAMUL.am news agency has the right to change the provisions of the following terms and conditions from time to time without informing You in advance, which will enter into force upon its publication. Continuing to use You give Your consent to the adoption of the changes.
Using the service of placing online advertisement banner or posts promotion You agree, that You got familiarized with these conditions, agree with them, accept them and the potential liability arising from it, You are responsible for the liability provisions defined by the registration terms as well as You certify that You have not been convicted of computer crimes previously.

During the relations arising in the frames of promoting online advertisement/post the RA Legislation is applied and during any disputes the courts of the Republic of Armenia are considered as authorized.