Right Time for Craigslist Introductions

Sam Cross
Sam Cross
16:23, Tuesday, 21 April, 2020
Right Time for Craigslist Introductions

I’m talking about introducing someone you’ve been seeing exclusively to your family. We all know the importance of meeting the parents, right? What about the rest of the family? Brothers? Sisters? Nephews and nieces?

In some countries, it’s more acceptable for women to introduce the guy to her family before entering the Craigslist relationship. It’s all part of the courtship phase. india is one of the countries wherein that sort of act is expected by society. However, times are changing and ‘dating’ has become an acceptable medium of ‘hooking up’ so some individuals fore go introductions until things become a whole lot more serious.

Now, it’s just finding the right time to make such introductions.

Personally, I prefer keeping my personal life private, not letting the guy be part of it, until I’m certain what he and I have is something serious. My reason for doing this is to keep my family from getting affected by becoming involved with a person from Craigslist who’s not certain if he’s going to stick around. I often even put off telling my brothers or sister about him until the time when I’m sure that I’m serious with the guy and vice versa. Sometimes, I even wait until we’re already together.

What about you guys from Craigslist ? How do you gauge the right time to make the introductions? Do you put weight on letting the rest of your family know about him or her? Or it doesn’t really matter?
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     Talk Geek, He’ll Think You’re a Goddess

I’ve been quite the gamer lately. It all started when my boyfriend showed me this very cute PSP game, PATAPON, which turned out to be very addictive, too. Of course, the PSP wasn’t mine and I couldn’t get enough of playing games. I then toyed with the idea of buying myself a console, in order not to take the PSP away from him. So, yea. I bought a Playstation3.


I’ve been addicted to Guitar Hero III. But when I beat Lou in the Easy round, and halfway through the Medium, I decided to rest my weary hands. I was getting cramps, major cramps. I’m now hooked on Assassin’s Creed. I’ve been losing sleep just because of it. LOL. I’m currently in memory block 6, quite near the end.


BUT going back to the point of the post, I’ve been geeking out on my Craigslist boyfriend. Talking to him about these games, letting him watch me kick some guy’s arse in the game. I’d let him play my turn and give him tips on certain moves he can make.


Basically, I’ve been wow-ing him with my geeky-ness lately and he’s liking it. Hehe.


Talking ‘Geek’ may not be applicable to all but I reckon this might prove useful for you ladies with geeky boyfriends from Craigslist like I do. I’m not ‘acting’ just to please him but I’ve actually discovered that being dorky — like mimicking the assassin’s awesome killing moves — can be a great source of genuine pleasure.A


I guess for some guys from Craigslist, it’s not how you look like which will make him think you’re a goddess. This instance proves it. Heehee.

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