Digital Julfa Network is launching a pan-Armenian centre in the metaverse, on the Fastexverse virtual platform

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12:53, Monday, 29 April, 2024
Digital Julfa Network is launching a pan-Armenian centre in the metaverse, on the Fastexverse virtual platform

Yerevan, Armenia, - Digital Julfa Network, an initiative that brings together Pan-Armenian intellectual, technological, commercial, and cultural power, will launch its first centre in the metaverse, on the Fastexverse virtual platform.

The initiative aims to revive and give a 21st Century perspective to the 300-year-old rich commercial and cultural heritage of New Julfa, to attract Armenian and international companies from all over the world through a digital marketplace.

The initiative’s organizers announce that companies can now join the Digital Julfa Network on the Fastexverse platform and they are inviting for long-lasting partnership.

In the metaverse environment, Armenian companies will be able to use innovative trading methods such as tokens and cryptocurrency.

"The opening of the Armenian centre is a logical continuation of the launch of the digital network. Over the past 18 months, we have established the scope of the project, held discussions with various businesses, studied the business case and existing solutions to bring the business model into the digital world. We decided to collaborate with Fastexverse, which will create a copy of ‘Digital Julfa Network’ in a three-dimensional virtual domain, " said Emma Arakelyan, the initiator of Digital Julfa Network, CEO and Founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations, and Venture Partner of Covenant Venture Capital.

By joining the Digital Julfa Network on Fastexverse, Armenian and other international companies will have a digital market in a three-dimensional virtual domain, creating a wide range of virtual tours and virtual trading and shopping opportunities for visitors. By receiving a virtual space for at least two years, companies will use the services of an artificial intelligence assistant that will answer customer inquiries automatically, 24/7, create avatars of their companies’ employees to automate a number of functions, receive full technical support and service package, represent their brand to customers around the world, and expand the geography of sales.

"Fastexverse is delighted to be a part of this historic project. We hope that Digital Julfa Network, like New Julfa in its time, will become a prominent trading platform, uniting Armenian businesses, " said Vahe Khachatryan, Head of Fastexverse.

The goal of the network is to attract partners not only in the business world, but also to bring together the Armenian intellectual force: scientists, analytical centres, and advanced technology companies, as well as families operating in the New Julfa period, who still continue their activities.

After launching in Dubai in 2025, events will be held in Venice, Amsterdam, Kolkata, Singapore, Manila and Nice over the next seven years to attract more companies.

Fastexverse is a dynamic, three-dimensional virtual platform that creates metaverse experiences and spaces for businesses and their customers, offering a variety of tools and integrations for product/service display and sales, event organization, discussion, and partnership.

The official launch of the Digital Julfa Network was announced during the Orion Summit 2022 Technology Summit in Yerevan. Further developments were discussed during the Orion Summit 2023 in New York, and today, the digital network is ready to launch. To register for the Digital Julfa Network and leverage future and digital technologies for business development, you can contact the email address info@orionwi.com.

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