How to Export Zoho Emails to PST in Outlook?

16:35, Tuesday, 21 March, 2023
How to Export Zoho Emails to PST in Outlook?
     With ransomware and hackers prevalent, data backup is vital. For any organization, emails hold valuable information, making data the top priority. Zoho has become popular for its secure IMAP email client that allows users to collaborate and communicate. However, some users may require a backup of Zoho emails . In this article, we will explore several reliable methods for Zoho email backup . But first, we'll discuss the situations in which users may need to back up their Zoho mail.

Can your organization benefit from having a backup of Zoho Mail? The answer is yes, as backups can save you from unforeseen situations and provide more security for valuable data. Backing up a Zoho Mail account can also free up space when an employee leaves the organization, prevent email loss, allow offline access to emails, and safeguard the organization's data and reputation.

     While Zoho offers various options to download Zoho mail in EML format, the best place to store Zoho email backup is by migrating it to Outlook PST. In this way, you can have a reliable and secure backup of your Zoho emails. Keep reading to find out how to backup Zoho emails for free.

Zoho mailboxes can be difficult to backup when you have multiple employees and mailboxes to handle. Fortunately, the Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore tool is a fast and reliable solution for bulk Zoho mail downloads. With its user-friendly interface and useful features, this software makes the backup process simple and straightforward. Here's how it works.

     Steps for Zoho Mail Backup to Outlook PST
     Step 1: Install and launch the Advik Zoho Mail Backup Tool .
     Step 2: Add the Zoho mailboxes that you want to backup.
     Step 3: Select the backup directory where you want to store the backup files.
     Step 4: Apply filters to include or exclude specific items as needed. Step 5: Start the Zoho email backup process or schedule it for later. Step 6: Use other available options and click the "Create Backup Job" button to complete the process.
     Final Words:
     In conclusion, this article has provided insight into the importance of backing up Zoho emails and outlined two methods to achieve this using PST files. Users can choose between the two methods based on their needs and convenience. However, for a fast and automated backup process, the Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore tool is highly recommended. Ultimately, the choice of method rests with the user, and it is essential to choose one that meets their specific requirements.

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