Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life

18:34, Sunday, 18 September, 2022
Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life

Overview of Dat Xanh apartments in District 2

     Dat Xanh Apartment District 2 is planned with 12 buildings, with a total of more than 3000 products. Diversity, area, smart design and high-class riverside ecological system are outstanding factors that help Datxanhhomes Riverside attract many interested customers and investors.

  • Studio apartment: With a compact area designed in a convenient "all-in-one" style, Studio Datxanhhomes Riverside apartment is a safe choice solution for single customers who prefer simplicity.
  • 1 bedroom apartment: fully equipped with functional spaces such as: bedroom, living room, kitchen, loggia and 1 toilet. The apartments are designed to optimize the space and use of the rooms. Ensure the comfort and privacy of the homeowner.
  • 2-bedroom apartment: is the optimal choice for a family of 3-4 members, with flexible design, spacious river space.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: Owning a large area from 94-95m², including 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 loggias and open courtyard. The designs are optimized for space and views from the rooms thanks to the large glass windows.

Dat Xanhhomes Riverside apartment is designed to be environmentally friendly, making the most of its ability to receive sunlight and fresh air thanks to its large window area combined with unique open-air architecture. With a variety of types and areas, the project is suitable for the financial ability and needs of many customers, which is also a factor that helps Datxanhhomes apartments to have liquidity when buying for investment.

What makes Datxanhhomes apartment District 2 attractive?
     Datxanhhomes apartment in district 2 - owns expensive "golden" coordinates
     Datxanhhomes Riverside apartment complex is located in Nam Rach Chiec urban area, An Phu ward, Thu Duc city (District 2) . The location connects directly to many major roads, many urban areas and many key projects of the surrounding area.

  • 5-8 minutes to An Phu Park (7ha), Vincom District 2, Australian International School, metro line 2, D2 hospital, American international hospital
  • 15 minutes to Central Park, Metro Market, Parkson Shopping Center, Thao Dien Pearl, Vincom Megamall, American International School, German International School, British International School, Metro Line 1, VNPT Hospital, Hospital Thao Dien, Vinmec Hospital
  • 20 minutes to city center
  • 30 minutes to Tan Son Nhat airport, Long Thanh airport

The project location possesses potential for future infrastructure development, especially the development of urban infrastructure, road and bridge system and many public utility works. This development offers solid potential for many ongoing and upcoming real estate projects.

     Outstanding transport infrastructure

     Construction project of parallel road Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh
     An Phu intersection has 3 floors: basement, overpass, normal traffic.
     Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh Expressway Expansion Project

  • The new downtown area Global City has a scale of more than 117ha, deployed by Masterise Homes investor
  • Saigon Sport City urban area (Keppelland)
  • Quality of life "one step touches a thousand utilities" at Dat Xanh apartment district 2

Residents at Datxanhhomes Riverside apartments can experience a well-invested ecosystem. Possessing a large green space and water surface, combined with the advantage of the location with 3 sides facing the river, it brings a comprehensive living space: both environmentally friendly and modern with a series of internal facilities. level. The investor aims to build Datxanhhomes Riverside riverside apartments that approach the standard of resort apartments in the heart of the city. Typically, the riverside park is more than 1km long, the marina area, the cycling path, the riverside jogging track, the bus system to the central areas.

     Residents have space to practice sports, organize meetings with friends and family at the BBQ area. Residents can immerse themselves in the cool green water village of the swimming pool system built according to high-class resort standards to bring a feeling of relaxation every day right in their own apartment.

     Family members are also fully arranged spaces according to age. Children have outdoor playground, children's pool, preschool, library, play area. The elderly have health clubs, community activities, chess areas, walking, boat gardens, yoga ...
     See more: https://datxanhhomesriverside.land/tin-tuc/du-an-can-ho-dat-xanh-quan-2-kien-tao-chat-song-hien-dai/

Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life
Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life
Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life
Dat Xanh apartment project in District 2 creates a modern quality of life
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