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Russian peacekeeping in Artsakh: will there be a deadline of 2025?

14:11, salı, 22 ağustos, 2023
Russian peacekeeping in Artsakh: will there be a deadline of 2025?

Twenty-one trucks with humanitarian cargo for the besieged Artsakh have been idle for half a month at the entrance to the only transport artery, as Azerbaijan is blocking free passage along the Lachin corridor. Against this background, Yerevan increasingly points to the failure to implement the agreements on the tripartite statement of the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan dated November 9, 2020.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have collected a package of claims against the activities of the Russian peacekeeping contingent. The mission of a peacemaker is a thankless task. There will always be a party to the conflict that will call into question the peacekeeping efforts of a separate power.

While Baku, through non-public communication channels, does not miss the opportunity to accuse Russian peacekeepers of assisting the armed formations of Artsakh, it is Moscow that remains Yerevan's key partner in the field of security.

A fateful question is at stake - the extension of the mission for another five years or its curtailment in the fall of 2025. Baku aims to approach the point of making its decision on prolonging the work of peacekeepers or its deviation from the most convenient positions for itself. Naturally, Aliyev does not hide the fact that the extension of the peacekeeping mission for the next five-year period is not included in his plans.

Meanwhile, Pashinyan is ready to form a single regional security system with Turkey and Azerbaijan to push Russia out of the South Caucasus. Such a system will absorb Armenia as soon as the Russian military factor is neutralized.

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