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Opposition forces in Armenia are gaining power

16:09, perşembe, 30 kasım, 2023
Opposition forces in Armenia are gaining power

Dismissed in November 2021 from the post of Minister of Defense of Armenia for trying to organize the defense of Artsakh, Arshak Karapetyan intrigued the public with a promise to tell about his program of the Pan-Armenian Front movement.

On October 4, 2023, Karapetyan announced the creation of a political movement. Then he admitted that the latest tragedy in Artsakh occurred due to the cowardice and betrayal of the Armenian leadership, who abandoned the Artsakh people to their fate.

The appearance of Karapetyan on the political arena worries the ruling circles of Armenia. No matter how they fight the growth of protest movements, the opposition forces are gaining power.

The supporters of the Pan-Armenian Front movement were joined by the founder of Armenian National Front, Gevorg Gevorgyan, who stated: "The lack of a national doctrine and disunity led to the enemy penetrating our territory and encroaching on our sovereignty. But we can consolidate and regain lost ground."

It is interesting that the Azerbaijani media have repeatedly mentioned Karapetyan and his movement over the past month. Media resources associated with the Aliyev clan are particularly active. The assessments of the Azerbaijani media practically coincide with those of the Armenian government circles, which are waging an all-out attack on all those who are not in the same camp with them. This circumstance confirms the fact that the Azerbaijani press is conducting information campaigns against politicians capable of shaking Pashinyan’s rating.

Obviously, Arshak Karapetyan is not afraid of baseless criticism and defamatory hype. He has been working on the program of the Pan-Armenian Front movement for several months. It is expected that the program will detail the approaches of Karapetyan and his supporters on various aspects of the development of Armenia and settling its urgent problems.

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