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Genesis of the idea of transferring Nagorno-Karabakh to the UN protectorate
10:46, cumartesi, 08 ağustos, 2020
Washington's position on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is undergoing changes. This is demonstrated by the rhetoric of the former US interim co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, ...
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Investigation of arms supplies to Azerbaijan continues
10:54, salı, 14 temmuz, 2020
The problem of illegal arms deliveries from Europe to Azerbaijan has long been relevant. Today the international community is still weakly reacting to the published evidence of the implementation of ...
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Armenian-Iranian cooperation is at stake
13:38, pazartesi, 13 temmuz, 2020
In the wake of coronavirus geopolitics, the United States tries to put pressure on Iran’s partners in order to weaken the position of the nuclear power country in the international arena. ...
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The reference to the Armenian Genocide in the White House: what we should expect?
17:08, cuma, 10 temmuz, 2020
At a briefing on July 6, White House spokeswomanKayleigh McEnany used the term ‘Armenian Genocide’. This is the first time that White House official applies the term genocide to the ...
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The subject field of Azerbaijani propaganda
12:17, perşembe, 02 temmuz, 2020
Pursuing the goal of diverting public attention from the growing problems within Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev continues to make propaganda statements that predict a hopeless future for ...
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Armenia's Unemployment: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst
12:57, pazartesi, 29 haziran, 2020
During the state of emergency in Armenia, 12 thousand people lost their jobs. In the worst-case scenario, by the end of this year this figure may increase to 40 thousand people. The government ...
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Is there a chance to improve the investment climate in Armenia?
12:00, cuma, 26 haziran, 2020
The current feuds in the power circles of Armenia negatively affect the economic performance of the republic. The Pashinyan government is busy retaining power and reformatting the judiciary. So, ...
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The Crisis in Armenia: Who is to Blame and What to Do
11:06, pazartesi, 08 haziran, 2020
At present, the internal political situation in Armenia is not stable. There is a crisis around the Constitutional Court, the Parliament is ratifying the Lanzarote Convention, as well as the law ...
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The role of Armenian biological laboratories in the fight against coronavirus
12:57, salı, 02 haziran, 2020
The pandemic has come like a bolt from the blue and we see how recklessly the US spent $50 million to restore the existing biolaboratory network in Armenia. Of course, it doesn’t deal with ...
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Place of Armenia on the US-Chinese battlefield
12:49, perşembe, 28 mayıs, 2020
The pandemic has accelerated the transition of US-Chinese relations from the state of periodic scandals to the Cold War. The struggle between China and the United States that the world is witnessing ...
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Azerbaijani propaganda works hard and unproductive
10:30, cumartesi, 23 mayıs, 2020
Media controlled by Ilham Aliyev’s team circulate disinformation that Armenia is allegedly trying to "set Kazakhstan and Belarus against Russia" and even "ready to break up the ...
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Grant Eating Virus Implications for Armenia
18:45, cuma, 15 mayıs, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic sobered up part of the Armenian population, which was in a romantic post-revolutionary state, and brought full clarity that the revolution in 2018 was only the beginning of ...
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Online mode as a new round of talks on Karabakh
16:26, perşembe, 30 nisan, 2020
With the coronavirus pandemic, ne***iations to resolve the situation in Karabakh have gained a new format. Held on April 21, the videoconference of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan ...
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Economic revolution in Armenia is still possible
13:55, cuma, 24 nisan, 2020
Despite the pandemic, the population of Armenia still hopes for the fulfillment of the promises made by the Prime Minister a year ago to make an economic revolution in the republic. For this, of ...
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Cooperation of Armenian biological laboratories with the Pentagon continues to cause concern
12:35, çarşamba, 15 nisan, 2020
In the context of the pandemic, it turned out that Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani bio-laboratories can’t help not only ordinary citizens, but also protect their own employees. The cases of ...
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Waves of coronacrisis economic storm overtake Armenia
11:10, cuma, 27 mart, 2020
After the Velvet Revolution the Armenian leadership has been in search of comprehensive measures to revive the economy for a long period. In this coronacrisis situation the government is forced to ...
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Panel Munich discussions on Karabakh: dialogue of the deaf on the verge of another escalation
11:48, çarşamba, 04 mart, 2020
After a panel discussion between the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the Munich Security Conference, the population of Armenia and the ...
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The US does not want to reckon with Armenia's need to conduct business with Iran
11:54, pazartesi, 30 aralık, 2019
The Armenian authorities are trying to neutralize the negative consequences that the economy may experience due to US sanctions against Iran. The US refused to make exceptions to sanctions against ...
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Resolution on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide as American Republicans' instrument of influence
12:08, pazar, 01 aralık, 2019
The actions of the US administration around the adoption in Congress of a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Empire present an example of foreign policy hypocrisy. It has been ...
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Acceleration of European integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Armenia is not up to visa-free travel.
12:09, cumartesi, 23 kasım, 2019
On November 12, at a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels the European People’s Party (EPP) presented a new vision of the EU’s strategy for the development of the Eastern ...
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An important area of Armenian diplomacy
12:05, perşembe, 14 kasım, 2019
There have always been certain resources for Armenian diplomacy in the Syrian direction. Unfortunately, the leadership of Armenia did not involve in it for some reason. At the beginning of the ...
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An objective look at the development of electric power industry in Armenia
11:35, çarşamba, 09 ekim, 2019
The service life of the Metsamor nuclear power plant is extended to 2026. Currently, only its second block is functioning, providing about 30-35% of the country's annual electricity ...
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The Importance of American Congressmen and the Armenian Diaspora in the Post-Revolutionary Development of Armenia
12:19, pazartesi, 07 ekim, 2019
The proposal of US President Donald Trump to interrogate and arrest suspected of treason Congressman Adam Schiff has been perceived in Armenia like a bolt from the blue. The reason for the emergence ...
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The interconnection of Georgia's accession to NATO and the start of yet another local confrontation
13:16, cuma, 27 eylül, 2019
Regardless of the degree of actualization by the representatives of the leadership of Armenia and Georgia, the problem of the strategically important Georgian border region of Javakhk (or ...
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Firm will and generous soul
11:04, perşembe, 05 eylül, 2019
People from the region’s hot spots, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, continue to immigrate to Armenia. After the start of the Syrian crisis, according to various estimates, more ...
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Development of the energy infrastructure of Armenia in cooperation with Iran, Georgia and Russia
11:44, pazar, 01 eylül, 2019
The North-South electricity corridor project, capable of providing mutual supplies along the Iran-Armenia-Georgia-Russia route, can realize Armenia’s export potential and bring this country ...
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Is a breakthrough in relations between Armenia and Georgia already close?
12:21, çarşamba, 31 temmuz, 2019
Despite a certain influence of internal and external forces, the difficult situation in the South Caucasus is changing for the better. Of course, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are still very far ...
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The situation over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Will Armenia succumb to provocations or strengthen peace?
13:12, salı, 09 temmuz, 2019
The development of the situation around the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem is accompanied by an interesting sequence of events. Diplomatic ne***iations in Washington against the ...
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Inappropriate Battle of Armenian Clans
12:26, çarşamba, 22 mayıs, 2019
On May 20, the Azerbaijani-Turkish joint live-fire tactical exercises "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2019" started within the framework of the agreement on military cooperation between two countries.They are ...
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If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
11:53, çarşamba, 10 nisan, 2019
Back in April 2016 the population of Armenia were convinced that the negоtiation process with Azerbaijan and talks about concessions would not guarantee peace at all. Nevertheless, within the ...
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