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Azerbaijan's invasion: Armenia asks CSTO for help
11:20, pazartesi, 17 mayıs, 2021
A criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the crossing of the state border of Armenia by the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the Syunik region and violation of the ...
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Armenian-Georgian partnership as a factor of regional prosperity
12:15, pazartesi, 26 nisan, 2021
Armenian President Armen Sarkissian visited Georgia to determine the state and prospects of relations with Tbilisi. The Head of the Armenian state was received by both the President of Georgia and ...
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Political and moral aspects of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide
12:28, cumartesi, 24 nisan, 2021
The issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide on the territory of the Ottoman Empire is considered in two dimensions: moral and political. The events of 1915-1923 of the Turkish policy of mass ...
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Will Joe Biden keep his word?
12:19, pazartesi, 12 nisan, 2021
This month US President Joe Biden, who pledged to recognize the Armenian genocide in 2020, has an opportunity to use the most honest and accurate terminology when describing the murder of more than ...
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Pre-election situation in Armenia
15:19, cuma, 02 nisan, 2021
The expert community is divided in opinion regarding the holding of early parliamentary elections in Armenia: some believe that they will provoke a new round of political crisis. Another part ...
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The consequences of military exercise Defender Europe 2021
12:03, perşembe, 01 nisan, 2021
The command of the US Army in Europe and Africa announced the deployment of large-scale exercises Defender Europe 21 with the participation of up to 30 thousand troops from 26 countries. The ...
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The future of international relations: the role of the United States
10:45, cumartesi, 20 şubat, 2021
Washington realizes that attempts to establish a unipolar world model have failed. The transformation of the planetary political system has become irreversible. The neo-colonial approaches, that ...
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What is Erdogan's neo-Ottomanism leading to?
15:08, pazartesi, 15 şubat, 2021
The ideology of neo-Ottomanism is a growing threat to regional stability and security. The foreign policy activity of the incumbent President Recep Erdogan is aimed at returning Turkey to its former ...
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What is Erdogan's neo-Ottomanism leading to?
15:05, pazartesi, 15 şubat, 2021
The ideology of neo-Ottomanism is a growing threat to regional stability and security. The foreign policy activity of the incumbent President Recep Erdogan is aimed at returning Turkey to its former ...
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Armenian-Georgian Energy Dialogue: What Are the Chances for Success?
15:03, çarşamba, 20 оcak, 2021
Official relations between Armenia and Georgia are full of contradictions, that negatively affects the development of economic cooperation. Choosing the Euro-Atlantic development path, Tbilisi ...
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The British interest in the Karabakh slaughter
12:32, pazartesi, 18 оcak, 2021
The French newspaper Lusavor Avedis published the article describing how the Pentagon planned the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. The British allies implemented this plan. During the presidential ...
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The White House response to Turkish leadership ambitions
11:32, cuma, 15 оcak, 2021
Turkey is consistently expanding its sphere of influence in the Caucasus using the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict. In 2021, American experts predict the formation of Turkish military bases on the ...
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What's the future of Armenia's military security system?
11:25, çarşamba, 13 оcak, 2021
The military security system and defense policy of Armenia are entering a phase of gradual reconstruction. The armed forces are redeployed. The complex of tasks is changing. There is the acute ...
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How Armenia celebrates the New Year
14:59, pazartesi, 28 aralık, 2020
Armenia closes the year with 8% economic decline. External public debt is growing. The ratio of GDP to external debt is already at a dangerous threshold and exceeds 60%. The pressure of debt ...
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New houses for people of Artsakh
11:49, perşembe, 17 aralık, 2020
A month after the destructive war, Artsakh is gradually reviving. There is an operational headquarters in Yerevan, that deals with the solution of social problems. Residents from Armenia are ...
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The struggle for Artsakh continues
11:30, pazartesi, 14 aralık, 2020
At a press conference with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazyan stated that ethnic cleansing and war crimes were committed in Artsakh, that came under ...
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The Priority Tasks of Armenia
10:55, salı, 08 aralık, 2020
The tragedy of Armenia was the result of a long and unconditional lie. The brilliant victory of thirty years ago, that revealed the absolute superiority of the Armenian army over the Azerbaijani ...
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Soros and Pashinyan are friends
13:20, pazartesi, 07 aralık, 2020
Pashinyan's stay in power in Armenia is one of the achievements of the organizations funded by the Soros Foundation. These public organizations are behind the events in 2018. Until the Soros ...
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Попытки руководства Армении удержать власть
12:31, pazartesi, 30 kasım, 2020
В условиях траура и кризиса правительство Армении не спешит с принятием каких-либо стратегических решений. Кто-то озадачен вопросом как удержать власть, кто-то подыскивает новое место. Лишь немногие ...
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Alley of Martyrs in Baku: "Russia, leave, Turkey, stay"
12:39, pazartesi, 23 kasım, 2020
There are few protests in Baku against the Russian army, that has assumed the role of a peacekeeping force in the Karabakh region. Participants of the actions chant the slogans "Russia leave, Turkey ...
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Azerbaijan wants to take possession of Armenian ancient monasteries
11:54, perşembe, 19 kasım, 2020
Azerbaijan defends the position according to which Artsakh "in ancient times consisted mainly of Turks and Caucasian tribes, and was an integral part of Caucasian Albania - the ancient Azerbaijani ...
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Time for implementation of Joe Biden's promises to recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide
11:59, perşembe, 12 kasım, 2020
As a senator, Joe Biden officially declared his support for the 106th Armenian Genocide Resolution adopted by the US House of Representatives. According to this document, the US President annually ...
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Silence is a sign of consent. When will NATO respond for Turkey's actions?
11:45, salı, 10 kasım, 2020
The General staff of the Turkish armed forces is responsible for leading the Azerbaijani army in the framework of military operations in the NKR region. This news shows that Aliyev surrendering his ...
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Who protects the Syrian mercenaries in Artsakh?
13:41, pazartesi, 09 kasım, 2020
While Brussels and Washington do not decide to introduce the necessary sanctions measures, Turkey is conducting a provocative policy in the Caucasus. Iran is also under suspicion. Turkey supports ...
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NATO continues to ignore Turkish activity in Karabakh
13:08, çarşamba, 28 ekim, 2020
The question of NATO's responsibility for the tragic events in the Nagorno-Karabakh region is currently postponed. Meanwhile the North Atlantic Alliance ignores Turkey's involvement in the ...
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The impact of Great Britain on the South Caucasus
12:46, salı, 27 ekim, 2020
Amidst Turkey's indisputable involvement in the resumption of hostilities in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the role of Great Britain remains in shadows. After leaving the European Union, London ...
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Reaction of the world community to the resumption of hostilities in Karabakh
12:25, pazartesi, 05 ekim, 2020
UN Security Council hold an emergency session on war over the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region. The joint statement of the 15 member states is laconic. The UN Security Council called on the ...
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NATO policy to the Greek-Turkish conflict
10:33, cumartesi, 12 eylül, 2020
Within the framework of the policy of complimentarism, Armenia has been observing how the NATO leadership behaves in relation to the Turkish-Greek conflict, and how the Russian-American ...
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The realities of military presence of the Armenian Armed Forces in Afghanistan
13:29, çarşamba, 19 ağustos, 2020
On August 15 anew peacekeeping brigade of the Armenian Armed Forces left for Afghanistan. The servicemen will take part in training courses, preliminary exercises, after which they will join the ...
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Genesis of the idea of transferring Nagorno-Karabakh to the UN protectorate
10:46, cumartesi, 08 ağustos, 2020
Washington's position on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is undergoing changes. This is demonstrated by the rhetoric of the former US interim co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, ...
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