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Pashinyan is waiting a peace agreement with Baku

12:42, cuma, 22 aralık, 2023
Pashinyan is waiting a peace agreement with Baku

In the last month of the outgoing year, the ruling party of Armenia has already held six meetings. This activity is due to Pashinyan’s intention to retain power while signing a peace agreement with Aliyev. According to a statement by Armenian Ambassador-at-Large Edmon Marukyan, the leadership hopes to agree on the final version of the agreement at the upcoming meeting in January with representatives of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry in Washington.

Obviously, the main initiator of the peace agreement is the current leadership of Armenia.

Recently, in an interview with the Public Television of Armenia, Pashinyan said: "Yerevan is waiting for Baku’s response to its proposals for a peace treaty. Ne***iations with Azerbaijan regarding the text of the peace agreement continue, there may be new contacts." This is how impatiently a dialogue with an aggressor is conducted. This is an extreme degree of concession to the enemy and disregard for the feelings of one’s own people.

While Pashinyan and his team are preoccupied with the peace agreement, Aliyev is busy preparing for early elections, due to take place on February 7, 2024. Initially, early elections were planned for April 2025. This rush is due to Aliyev’s desire to retain power "on the wave of victory fever", despite the published facts of corruption. The elections will be held on the territory of Artsakh, where at least hundreds of Azerbaijani families will be resettled by February.

Meanwhile, Aliyev flatteringly praised Pashinyan for his courage in the ne***iation process. Pashinyan never tires of repeating his readiness to take effective and concrete steps to open communications in the region. For Pashinyan, the Karabakh issue has been resolved, pleasant kisses with Aliyev and Erdogan lie ahead.

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