Things to Do in the center of Yerevan

15:11, Monday, 15 April, 2019
Things to Do in the center of Yerevan

     Yerevan – the capital of Armenia, is a city older than Rome but people call it a mixture of old and new! So if you want to see the newest part of Yerevan, visit the center of it. Here is a guide to the modern Yerevan.

People are always singing and dancing in the center of Yerevan, you can also admire fantastic paintings and artists drawing paintings, so it is a pleasure to walk along the streets of the city center.

The city center is full of luxurious residential buildings, high-end branded shops, commercial offices, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and clubs, so it has become the most favourite part of Yerevan.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a small artificial lake, which is located right in front of Northern Avenue. It is one of the most favourite places for Armenians and tourists.


Arno Babajanyan Statue

Near Swan Lake, you can also admire Arno Babajanyan monument. Arno Babajanian was an Armenian composer and pianist, whose music was known worldwide.


Vernissage open-air museum

Vernissage is the most favourite market of the tourists visiting Armenia, Yerevan as here you will be able to find everything connected with Armenia and everything in general! Believe me, you can really find everything here!


Cafes, Restaurants, clubs the center of Yerevan

Tavern Melnitsa

Address: Khandzhyan St. 8/1

Jose Cafe Club Restaurant

Address: 20 Khanjyan St

Casa Del Vino

Address: Vardanants str. 15/5

Soho Place

Address: Alek Manukyan 12/5

Messier53 Hotel: Closest Landmarks

Yerevan Vernissage

0.3 km

Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium

0.5 km

Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral

0.5 km

Republic Square Metro Station

0.6 km

History Museum of Armenia

0.7 km

Republic Square

0.8 km

Zoravar Andranik Metro Station

0.8 km

Yerevan State University

0.9 km

Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre

1.3 km

Yeritasardakan Metro Station

1.4 km

Where to stay in the center of Yerevan?

Messier53 hotel Yerevan is a 5-star hotel, which is ready to welcome you with all the luxury and modernity you deserve. While visiting Armenia, Yerevan, make sure to stay in Messier53 Hotel Yerevan: the address is Vardanants 15/4 – in front of Vernissage open-air museum.

Source: Messier53
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