Top 4 most beautiful mountains of Armenia

13:45, Monday, 15 April, 2019
Top 4 most beautiful mountains of Armenia

     Armenia, one of the most mountainous countries in the whole world, is ready to make you fall in love with every inch of it! Let’s discover the most beautiful mountains of Armenia together.

1. Mount Ararat

The slopes of the biblical mountain, which is an extinct volcano, are mostly deserted and littered with fragments of Cenozoic basalt - traces of weathered lava flows.

For the same reason, the surface of Ararat is extremely dry: thawed glacial waters are quickly absorbed into porous volcanic rocks, which, naturally, does not contribute to the riot of natural colours.

Ararat consists of two peaks - Western, or Big Ararat (5165 meters) and East, or Small (3925 meters) . The Ararat mountain range is located on the right bank of the Araks River, near the border with Armenia, and is clearly visible from Yerevan.

Ararat is a sacred mount where Noah's ark landed and which is imprisoned by the Turkish government, so let’s hope that someday it will be returned to its motherland Armenia.

2. Mount Aragats

Aragats, a solitary extinct volcano, is the highest mountain on the territory of modern Armenia and the Transcaucasus. This remarkable monument of nature is located at 40 ° 32 east longitude, its central elevation covers an area of more than 820 square kilometres.

In prehistoric times, a volcanic eruption accompanied by an explosion destroyed the top of the mountain.

A folk legend is associated with Aragats, according to which St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) ascended to its top to perform prayers, while at night an unquenchable lamp shone to him, hanging straight from heaven. Legend claims that even now this lamp shines at night, but only sacred people can see it.

The beautiful landscape of the foothills and mountain belts, numerous cultural monuments on its slopes make it possible to classify Aragats among the most interesting peaks attractive for lovers of travel and alpine ascents. To the tops of the mountains, several climbing routes are laid.


3. Mount Azhdahak

One can reach the foot of the highest point of the Gegham mountain range Azhdahak (3597m) either by an all-wheel-drive car in summer or on foot all year round on a plateau extending to the left of the Azat river canyon.

On the slopes of the Gegham Range and at the foot of Azhdak, you can see stone sculptures in the form of fish — dragon (vishaps in Armenian), patrons of agriculture and cattle breeding, and thousands of rock paintings, the oldest of which date from V-IV millennium BC.


4. Mount Ara

In the "History" of Movses Khorenatsi (V c.) There is an amazing story about the Armenian king Ara the Beautiful: Assyrian queen Shammuramat (Semiramis, in Armenian Shamiram) was deeply in love with this handsome king.

Many historians are inclined to believe that Ara the Beautiful is the founder of the United Armenian kingdom, the first Armenian ruler who bore the title of "king of kings", which should be understood as overlord over the rest of the Ararat kingdom.

Heard about the extraordinary beauty of the Armenian king, Shamiram-Semiramis wanted to achieve his love and, being widowed, sent an embassy to Armenia.


Take our tour to 4 peaks of Mount Aragats and let’s discover the gems of Armenian mountains together!

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