If You Want Peace, Prepare for War

11:53, Wednesday, 10 April, 2019
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
Back in April 2016 the population of Armenia were convinced that the negоtiation process with Azerbaijan and talks about concessions would not guarantee peace at all.

Nevertheless, within the framework of events dedicated to the third anniversary of the end of the April war, the current leadership of the republic focuses on readiness for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Karabakh.

Of course, nobody cancels the conduct of the Armenian Armed Forces exercises. Thus, from March 29 to April 14, large-scale battalion tactical drills of the Armenian Armed Forces are held at the Kamkhud, Baghramian and Alagyaz ranges. The soldiers of the 102nd Russian base take part in them.

2 thousand soldiers of Armenia and Russia, about 300 units of special equipment are involved in the exercises. Such a number of participants is quite enough to work out all the necessary tasks of interaction between various types of troops, including the use of airmobile and engineering assault groups, fire control in the reconnaissance-strike circuits system.

     Air fire support is carried out by MiG-29 fighters and Su-25 attack aircraft, MI-8MT, Mi-24 helicopters and drones.
The gunners have already worked out the use of a counter-battery struggle with a conditional enemy, and the rifle units conducted sniper duels.

     This is an excellent response to the exercises of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces that were offensive in nature and took place from March 11 to 15. They demonstrated that the force factor has always been and remains on the agenda of Baku. Now the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are preparing for the next exercises with the Turkish Armed Forces, on which Baku spends huge amounts of money.
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