The Foreign Ministry's protest against Vucic's statement is pure bravura

11:34, Friday, 26 January, 2024
The Foreign Ministry's protest against Vucic's statement is pure bravura
     In early January, the Ambassador of Serbia was invited to the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, who was protested in connection with Aleksandar Vucic’s statement regarding Artsakh. In December, the Serbian president said: "Azerbaijan has waited 27 years for special geopolitical circumstances to return Nagorno-Karabakh, and now Baku must serve as a foreign policy model for Belgrade." It follows from this: Serbia intends to use the aggressive experience of Azerbaijan as a precedent for the annexation of Kosovo. Pashinyan’s team can only "bite their fists, " call ambassadors and continue to blame Russia, which should have come to the defense of Artsakh. In turn, Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, with this note of protest, once again defended the interests of the Western community, which cares less about the Armenian people. The collective West benefits from Kosovo's independence, which is why pressure on Serbia continues. Vucic himself is surprised by the indignation of Pashinyan, who himself did not dare to recognize Artsakh. Flirting with Aliyev ended with Pashinyan last October, ignoring the feelings of ordinary citizens, signing a declaration in Granada recognizing Artsakh as Azerbaijani. All that remains for the government is to clean up the traces of mistakes with miatsum and for complete happiness to conclude a deal with Erdogan. And this is instead of looking for common ground with the equally Christian Serbia and jointly resisting the growth of Islamic influence in international organizations. During the historical process, both countries experienced "Turkish barbarity, " and Turkey, being one of the sponsors of the "Kosovo project, " was one of the first to recognize Kosovo. Meanwhile, the struggle that lasted more than thirty years for Artsakh turned out to be meaningless. Attempts at protest, anger, despair... But whether the people are ready to fight further is the question. The defeat is due to the indecisiveness and duplicity of Pashinyan, who expects to retain power with the support of Western partners in exchange for a deal with Turkey.
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