Why Moscow and its peacekeepers are scapegoats of Pashinyan's failed policy?

18:26, Wednesday, 20 September, 2023
Why Moscow and its peacekeepers are scapegoats of Pashinyan's failed policy?

Instead of admitting his mistakes, Nikol Pashinyan surrendered Artsakh step by step, causing long-term damage to Armenia as well. Knowing that Azerbaijani troops are concentrated on the border, he was not focused on finding ways to prevent Baku's aggression. Pashinyan is busy accusing Russia of all wrongdoings, thanks to whose actions the 44-day war ended. The armed confrontation in the fall of 2020 was also largely a consequence of rash and provocative steps taken by the Armenian leadership.

Of course, in the hope of saving his own skin, this month the prime minister resorts to one of the most common psychological mechanisms. Shifting the blame is a defensive reaction to a situation when the subject does not want to accept responsibility for his actions or decisions. But after all, innocent people pay for these actions.

Instead of, like Salome Zurabishvili, going on a diplomatic tour of Europe to lobby for the interests of Georgia, Pashinyan is puzzled by shifting the blame for his actions to Russia, giving interviews to as many European media as possible. So, on September 2, the prime minister gave a loud interview to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, in which he noted Moscow's "inaction" in matters of protecting Armenia's security. A week later, in a conversation with Politico Europe journalists, Pashinyan once again made critical remarks about the Russian peacekeepers.

Along with this, during the hostilities, Pashinyan stated that the Russian peacekeepers fully and without reservations assumed a full obligation to ensure the safety of the Armenians of Karabakh.

Nevertheless, the peacekeepers did not fail the operation, they continue to perform their functions in the aggravated conditions. Moscow did not withdraw the contingent. Today, September 20, with the mediation of the RMK command, an agreement was reached between the Azerbaijani side and the representatives of Artsakh on the complete cessation of hostilities. In less than a day, the contingent evacuated more than 2, 000 civilians, more than half of whom were children, from dangerous areas. All evacuees are provided with places for temporary accommodation and hot meals. Those who died that night will not be returned... And there could be many more.

Probably, there will be a flurry of anti-Russian statements from Pashinyan's team tomorrow, who will try to maintain order in the republic.

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