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The conditions of Armenia's security system reforming

10:37, cuma, 14 оcak, 2022
The conditions of Armenia's security system reforming

The current strategy for reforming Armenia's security system is based on an analysis of the lessons learned from the 44-day war and the situation since November 9, 2020.

The military-political leadership of the republic is focused on the gradual transition to a professional army. It is planned to change the structure of urgent military service, that should turn into compulsory military training and exercises held at regular intervals.

At present, the policy of increasing the attractiveness of military service by increasing salaries and social guarantees, as well as improving the quality of military training are being successfully implemented.

The process of technological modernization of the army and the introduction of an automated control system is gradually underway. An important factor in its effectiveness is cooperation with Russia, a key supplier of the latest models of military equipment.

In the summer of 2021, the Prime Minister of Armenia promised that the border troops will remain part of the National Security Service, protection of the constitutional order and the fight against terrorism and extremism will be introduced into the competence of the NSS. Then it was also about a separate Foreign Intelligence Service. It was announced the intention to assign responsibility to the NSS for counterintelligence, to take the State Security Service out of the control of the NSS and make it a body under the control of the Prime Minister.

At the end of last year, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan claimed thatthe National Security Service has become more efficient. The country overcame a deep political and psychological crisis after the war, despite the attempts of the Azerbaijani special services to sow fear among the Armenian population by spreading false information and viral videos through fake accounts.

At present, the NSS is busy establishing internal order and interrogating former employees, including ex-head Artur Vanetsyan. This greatly impedes the reform of the security system. Its provision is the biggest challenge facing Armenia today.

Unfortunately, the republic is not yet able to withstand the existing threats without the help of its ally - Russia. For Moscow, the state consistency of Armenia is of particular importance.

The Armenian government is puzzled by the choice of the main directions, the definition of long-term planning tasks and the search for the resources on which the development of the defense sector and the fifth generation warfare toolkit will be based.

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