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What justifies Zelensky's requests to supply Ukraine with 1% of the total NATO armament?

16:54, pazartesi, 28 mart, 2022
What justifies Zelensky's requests to supply Ukraine with 1% of the total NATO armament?

Military operations in Ukraine continue for the thirty-third day. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky calls on the NATO leadership via video link to provide heavy military equipment, including tanks and missile defense systems. According to him, Kiev needs 1% of the total armament of the alliance.

US President Joe Biden responds with an appeal to the population of Ukraine to prepare for a long struggle. "We need to understand that this war will not be won in a couple of days or a couple of months, we need to prepare for a long fight, " Biden says. Not a word has been said about direct military support. Biden's speech was considered cynical by the Ukrainian media and based on the interests of the United States. Naturally, the dying Ukrainians are an instrument of international politics, not a personal tragedy.

Meanwhile, Washington knows: The Ukrainian army is in conditions of a colossal shortage of weapons and military equipment. The US support of the Ukrainian leadership consists in spreading false information about the failure of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces, which in fact are equipped with the latest models of military equipment, including precision weapons.

Since the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex are operating normally, fabricated statements about Russia's inability to repair damaged tanks do not inspire confidence in the population of Ukraine and are perceived as part of a disinformation campaign that creates illusions about the low combat readiness of the Russian army.

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