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Heroization of the Neo-Nazis as freedom fighters

16:29, cumartesi, 09 nisan, 2022
Heroization of the Neo-Nazis as freedom fighters

The political elite of the European Union is facing a historic choice: to open their eyes to the dominance of supporters of the ideology of Nazism in the upper echelons of power in Ukraine, or to risk their own security in favor of the American hawks who used the national factor in this country to their advantage.

President Zelensky openly encourages the criminal actions of far-right radicals who promote Nazi views.

On April 7, the Ukrainian leader spoke via video link to the Greek parliament, along with two fighters from the Azov Battalion. Considering communication with the radicals unacceptable, most of the deputies left the meeting.

"MERA25 stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, not with the Nazi Azov Battalion! What happened today in the Greek parliament is unacceptable, it is reprehensible, it is an absolute humiliation, and it happened with complete humiliation and tolerance on the part of the speaker of parliament and government, as well as all those who remained in the hall, "said the representative of the MERA25 party Yorgos Logiadis.

The international community is beginning to feel threatened by the spread of radical views that have evolved in two different directions in Ukraine: as official political parties and as a collection of online communities, groups and paramilitaries.

However, it is senseless to expect that the top political elite of the West will stop playing with fire and prevent the criminal actions of the nationalist battalions.

In the same way, eyes are closed to the public glorification of war criminals and collaborators in Azerbaijan, to the policy of genocide, the destruction of both Armenians and indigenous peoples, which Baku is implementing with the full support of Turkey.

What criteria underlie the evaluation of acts of violence as war crimes or as liberation or defensive measures of this or that state? The determining factor is the interests that guide the top leadership of the countries.

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