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Pashinyan's velvet victory brought Armenia to the den of Baku.

18:06, salı, 16 mayıs, 2023
Pashinyan's velvet victory brought Armenia to the den of Baku.
     Post-revolutionary hopes for a bright future for Armenia collide with reality, which poses more and more threats to the security of the republic.
     In the interests of "serving the peace agenda", the persons who came to power during the "velvet" coup d'état are ready to make concessions to Azerbaijan and Turkey both on the issue of recognizing the Armenian Genocide and on the future of Artsakh.
     The position of the representative of the Dashnaktsutyun party Hakob Ter-Khachaturian is close to the majority of the population of the republic. "We are not against peace, but we are supporters of a worthy peace, and peace cannot be built on the basis of unilateral concessions, " says Ter-Khachaturian. Meanwhile, Nikol Pashinyan pays attention to the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within the framework of the Azerbaijan SSR...
     Such a destructive policy is unacceptable. Especially when the process of geopolitical reformatting of Transcaucasia is underway, where the interests of the United States, Russia, Europe, Turkey and Iran collide.
     Experts agree that the region has the following configuration. On the one hand, the Turkey-Azerbaijan union and Israel, which "joined" them. On the other hand, Iran is closely cooperating with Armenia and Russia in order to prevent Baku and Ankara from creating a single Turkic political space through the launch of the Zangezur corridor.
     Apparently, the elites of Azerbaijan are preparing the ground for the capture of Syunik (the southern province of Armenia, bordering Iran) . There are statements that the Armenian side undertook to provide a corridor with a tripartite statement. The aggressor is also talking about compensation for the damage of the "occupation of Artsakh".
     The Western coalition supports Baku, providing it with both military and economic assistance. Aliyev speaks openly about ethnic cleansing. There is no reaction of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance to these statements. Despite this, Pashinyan and his "team" are rushing to the West, destroying the security system that has been in place for 200 years. The rhetoric of the current leadership only fuels anti-Russian sentiment in the republic.
     The post-revolutionary leadership of Armenia, focusing on geopolitics, forgets that the root "geo" is in the first place in this word. Not only geographically, but also culturally, historically, spiritually, Russia is the closest state to Armenia...
     There are disagreements between Moscow and Yerevan. However, who deserves trust if not Russia, for which the existence of Artsakh is a "red line".
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