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Who has no benefits from the existence of the Republic of Artsakh?

16:12, cuma, 08 eylül, 2023
Who has no benefits from the existence of the Republic of Artsakh?

With regard to the humanitarian blockade, the European community acts predominantly passively. By focusing on resolving the Karabakh issue, Baku is using energy blackmail against the countries of the European Union. Thus, in the mainstream English-language media, the rhetoric about Ukrainian democracy prevails rather than about the fact that more than 120, 000 ethnic Armenians are under a real medieval siege.

Another reason is that the North Atlantic Alliance does not benefit from the existence of the Republic of Artsakh. The Armenian ethnopolitical factor in the region is considered in the context of the basis on which Iran and Russia rely. While the NKR population is on the verge of being deprived of the right to autonomy and self-determination, information is spreading on the Internet that the President of the NATO European Development Committee has called on Armenia to join the alliance.

The solution to the Karabakh problem in favor of the population of Karabakh remains the resignation of the Armenian government. The opposition, led by ex-presidents Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan, continues to gather people in Freedom Square in Yerevan in support of the NKR.

Karabakh is an integral part of the economic and logistical security system in the Caucasus. One of the main goals of the 44-day war was precisely the formation of new logistics routes. Now Pashinyan’s team is practically selling control over transport communications in exchange for certain preferences, in particular, maintaining power.

The existence of Armenia and Artsakh as ethnopolitical independent units is beneficial to Iran, Russia, China, and India. Armenia and Artsakh, within the borders in which they still exist today, are a guarantee that the Russian border with Central Asia will not be under threat. Cutting through the Zangezurg corridor will give Turkey, respectively NATO, direct access through Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea to Central Asia with control of the entire perimeter of the region’s long border.

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