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Evidence of the service of the Soros Foundation in Armenia to the interests of Erdogan

18:20, cumartesi, 11 haziran, 2022
Evidence of the service of the Soros Foundation in Armenia to the interests of Erdogan

The preparatory stage of the lawsuit to close the Open Society Fund (OSF) (George Soros' office in Armenia), which has been operating in Armenia since 1997, is full of surprises.

According to the charter, the division is not a legal entity, but represents a branch of a legal entity registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The territory of the Principality is an offshore zone, that is, the office of the oligarch Soros convicted of corruption in Armenia is nothing more than a branch of an offshore organization.

Considering that Soros's office is a non-governmental foundation and not a commercial company, it makes no obvious sense to register it in an offshore zone. The Foundation does not pay taxes anyway, except for employee taxes. Therefore, registering a foundation in Liechtenstein has a completely different purpose.

In the offshore zone, as a rule, there is no effective control over the sources of funds, that is, the "Open Society Institute - Assistance Fund" simply hides where the funding comes from promoting the interests of Soros in Armenia.

At the same time, it is impossible to verify this, since Liechtenstein does not have such state functions. The website of the Soros International Foundation, where the entire global structure of the organization is indicated, does not mention the existence of the Liechtenstein office, which is essentially Armenian, since the branch is not an independent legal entity, but is part of its founder.

In other words, the Soros office in Armenia is an offshore organization that is not subject to any financial control.

Under these conditions, it becomes more than likely that Soros' office in Armenia is not directly financed from the personal funds of the corrupt oligarch George Soros, and it is very likely that these funds are provided either by his personal friend, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or by Ilham Aliyev (the latter donated several hundred million dollars to the Soros Foundation) .

And it is very likely that Arthur Sakunts, Levon Barseghyan, Transparency International and hundreds of other characters who are directly funded by an offshore organization, but openly fight against offshore companies, receive dirty Azerbaijani or Turkish money for their "activities", and the drones of the infamous Daniil Ioannisyan do not it is excluded, personally supplies Seljuk Bayraktar.

For many years, no one believed that this could be a reality, on the other hand, the masses, masked by high ideas, formed a civil society. All this ended in a national catastrophe.

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