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Nuclear stability is the key factor of Armenia's energy security

12:49, Понедельник, 29 Ноября, 2021 года
Nuclear stability is the key factor of Armenia's energy security

In Armenia, nuclear generation accounts for one third of the total amount of electricity produced.

The republic's only nuclear power plant has undergone major repairs in order to extend its operational life, having received a license until 2031 and a permit for generation until 2026. It plays an important role in ensuring the energy security of the country. Renewable energy sources have intermittent generation and relatively low efficiency, therefore they are not able to completely replace nuclear power plants.

In order to preserve nuclear energy, the republic needs to prepare now. Currently, an option is being considered for the construction in 2026-2027 of a medium-power nuclear power plant (400-450 MW), which will replace the existing plant. The construction of a higher-capacity unit capable of completely covering the republic's electricity needs is an unjustified risk. With all the advantages of nuclear generation, the sources of electricity should be diversified. A sharp increase in consumption is unlikely.

Reactor technologies are being developed today by the USA, France, China and South Korea. And all these countries offer high-power reactors on the market. An average power unit that meets modern requirements has not been built to date.

A possible option is to assemble a medium-power station from small-power "Rhythm" type reactors that operate on icebreakers. It is offered by the Russian state corporation Rosatom. Rosatom is ready to provide its services for the construction of new power units in the republic to replace the previous ones in the form of a package offer that completely covers all aspects of the development of nuclear technologies in Armenia, starting from the construction of nuclear power plants and fuel supplies, ending with training and handling of spent nuclear fuel. From this point of view, Rosatom's positions are good, and the conclusion of the contract will be beneficial to both parties.

In general, Armenia has different options for making a reasonable decision in the optimal time.

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