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The background to the surrender of Artsakh remains hidden from the public

13:46, Четверг, 09 Ноября, 2023 года
The background to the surrender of Artsakh remains hidden from the public

After the meeting on October 31 with the European delegation, Artsakh President Samvel Shahramanyan no longer appears in public. He does not make official statements and does not contact the press. The reason is Pashinyan’s efforts to prevent leaks of true information about the surrender of Artsakh. The Prime Minister deprives Shahramanyan of the opportunity to give an interview to the Public Television of Armenia.

Nevertheless, Shahramanyan managed to speak out to 1or.am. Many expected that this interview would lead to new upheavals in the political field of Armenia, but now they are expressing their disappointment.

One of the significant facts claimed in his interview was that Pashinyan was aware of the decree being signed on the cessation of the existence of Artsakh.

Along with this, Shahramanyan noted that now the main goal of the Artsakh authorities will be to create an environment that will allow the return of Artsakh residents to Nagorno-Karabakh. However, he understands perfectly well: he does not have enough resources and opportunities to resolve even social issues, and he constantly invites Artsakh residents to contact the relevant structures of Armenia.

The Prime Minister of Armenia himself avoids Shahramanyan. By refusing the meeting, Pashinyan makes it clear that he is aware of his own responsibility for the loss of Artsakh and the grief caused to its residents.

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