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Azerbaijan's invasion: Armenia asks CSTO for help

11:20, Понедельник, 17 Мая, 2021 года
Azerbaijan's invasion: Armenia asks CSTO for help

A criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the crossing of the state border of Armenia by the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the Syunik region and violation of the territorial integrity of the republic. The Armenian leadership is just ne***iating with the occupants, who intend to seize the dominant height of Mets Ishkhanasar (3500 m) .


This provocation can also have much broader military-political goals. It is not a matter of local significance, but the basis for a large-scale reaction.

On May 13, at a meeting of the Security Council, Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan appealed for help to the organization of the Collective Security Treaty in connection with the situation in Syunik.


The second article in the CSTO Charter enshrines measures for coordinating the positions and interaction of the member states of the military-political bloc, provided for the elimination of threats.


The CSTO Secretariat has already issued a statement: if necessary, the Organization will take actions provided for by the provisions of the Collective Security Treaty and the CSTO Charter.


For a long time Armenia kept away from strengthening cooperation with the Organization. With his coming to power, Pashinyan reduced Armenia's participation in events under the CSTO auspices, organized a "sweep" of power structures from "pro-Russian" elements. After the attack of Azerbaijan, Pashinyan refused to ask for help from Russia for a month.


The blind arrogance of the leadership, along with the inacurate policy, cost the republic a complete loss not only of the territories of Karabakh, but also a threat to the very existence of the republic. After the dismissal of all the best officers (including the heroes of the victorious first Karabakh war), many wandering clowns remained in the army, promising to win the war without anyone's help and even reach Baku.

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