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What's the future of Armenia's military security system?

11:25, Среда, 13 Января, 2021 года
What's the future of Armenia's military security system?

The military security system and defense policy of Armenia are entering a phase of gradual reconstruction. The armed forces are redeployed. The complex of tasks is changing. There is the acute problem of replenishing equipment and personnel lost during military operations. When implementing personnel changes, the leadership must take into account that privates, contract soldiers, sergeants have actually shown very good results and heroically fulfilled their military duty. Thanks to these people, the blitzkrieg planned by Azerbaijan did not take place, and the enemy suffered considerable losses.

The armed forces do not develop in isolation from the socio-economic, moral and psychological trends in the country. Any process also affects the army. Nevertheless, the chances of modernizing restoration of the military security system in Armenia are high. The development of the military industry is not slowing down through the implementation of programs to re-equip factories. An important aspect in the modernization of the Armed Forces is the development of the Armenian Air Force.

The creation by Armenian scientists of invisible paint against drones plays a significant role in strengthening the defense. This paint absorbs light and thermal (infrared) radiation and thus interferes with the aiming of the sensors of drones and guided missiles. With stretching the dyed cloth over a bulletproof vest and a helmet, the soldier will be invisible to such sensors at night. Armenian technology, which makes it possible to reduce the accuracy of enemy fire, is also practical in that it does not require either expensive or rare components or complex technological processes. She could play a special role in countering the Bayraktar drones. The prospects for using the new paint, which is in no way inferior to the NATO one, are on the agenda of discussion in the republic's high-tech industry ministry. A special role is played by the cooperation of the Armenian Armed Forces through the CSTO, which is again one of the key priorities of Armenia's foreign policy. The next meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the CSTO member states is scheduled for the first half of 2021 in the Republic of Tajikistan.

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