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Soros and Pashinyan are friends

13:20, Понедельник, 07 Декабря, 2020 года
Soros and Pashinyan are friends

Pashinyan's stay in power in Armenia is one of the achievements of the organizations funded by the Soros Foundation. These public organizations are behind the events in 2018. Until the Soros projects have reached the final stage of implementation, and Armenia has lost its sovereignty, it is high time to equate the work of the Soros Foundation and some other organizations with the activities of the special services of foreign states.

Of course, the current government will not want to voluntarily lose the trough. For the good of all the people, there is an urgent need for immediate filtering of allocated grants and programs.

The time has come for the social and political movement "Veto" to resume anti-sorov rallies, which were previously not numerous enough to cause a resonance. Now the population is ready to express an active civil position. The realization came that the collective West is using trust in Soros as a kind of "Trojan horse" - an instrument of hybrid war.

There are a lot of organizations in the fund system. They are united by a common goal - the formation of certain attitudes in public opinion, as well as - the influence on the government through activists and politicians to form the so-called "open society".

In fact, they do not need any open democratic society in Armenia, neither in Ukraine and other countries. They need countries that will fall under external control and neutralize Russian influence in the region.

The declared goals of the activities of such organizations are good: the development of education, health care, democratic processes. Initially, grants are allocated for really worthy-looking projects. However, this is only a formality, designed to veil the real tasks, namely: further penetration into the establishment, into the socio-political life of the country. Further, all this begins to develop in a completely different direction.

With Pashinyan's departure, the internal situation should become much more manageable and under the control of civil society.

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