Immortal - War Against All (zip 2023) {Album Mp3 Rar}

22:39, Thursday, 25 May, 2023
Immortal - War Against All (zip 2023) {Album Mp3 Rar}
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     01 War Against All
     02 Thunders Of Darkness
     03 Wargod
     04 No Sun
     05 Return To Cold
     06 Nordlandihr
     07 Immortal
     08 Blashyrkh My Throne


While Abbath was able to leave Immortal after the famously way-too-long-and-drawn-out dissolution of the band to quickly find success on his own, his former partner from the cold and distant lands of Blashyrkh has had a rougher time climbing to the peak of the snowcapped mountains. In fact, Demonaz has enjoyed only small fraction of the limelight since sailing off without his once long-standing counterpart. While legally maintaining the rights to the use of the name "Immortal" for some time now, Demonaz hasn't, in my mind, really made the most of the moniker. That, however, changes now with War Against All. This is a record that is undoubtedly worthy of the Immortal brand.

     You might remember Demonaz's first record on his own, entitled March of the Norse. That came out over a decade ago under his own name. While it wasn't a bad release by any stretch of the imagination, it did not measure up to really anything Immortal had ever put out. Sure, "All Blackened Sky" had some stellar riffing and "March of the Norse" featured some nicely layered guitars, but the record just didn't have the speed or the ferocity that Immortal is so well known for. It didn't stand out.

     Enter Northern Chaos Gods in 2018. This record, featuring Horgh on drums (who also was involved in legal battles over the use of the band name) had the speed and was close to getting back the sound and the atmosphere of the Immortal heyday. There was, however, still something missing, as many of the tracks seemed to blend together after multiple listens. While I was initially into the record, I found my interest in it start to wane and I yearned for something greater… something… older sounding. And I've found it with War Against All.

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