The registration for Orion Summit 2023 investment conference has begun

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11:12, Tuesday, 28 February, 2023
The registration for Orion Summit 2023 investment conference has begun

Yerevan, Armenia - Orion Worldwide Innovations launches the official website of the Orion Summit 2023 conference with information about the event’s agenda, partners, and speakers. The summit will take place in New York City from June 19-22, with the slogan "Investments Position Armenia".

Registration for Orion Summit 2023 is open and available by filling out this form.

"Since preparations for a large event in New York take time, we are announcing registrations earlier this year so that participants also have time to prepare, and our company in turn helps with invitations and with entry permission issues. I am also happy to inform you that until March 15th, Early Bird registrations have been announced for the first registrants, " said Diana Arzumanyan, CEO & Co-Founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations Armenia.

Orion Summit 2023 will last four days. The summit will include meetings and discussions about innovations and investments, visits to the world’s largest financial and technology companies, universities, venture funds, and family offices.

Last year's international technology summit, Orion Summit 2022, was held in Yerevan. This year’s event is the continuation of the goals set by the previous summit: investment banking, development of the startup ecosystem, and the path to the realization of the "Digital Julfa Network" initiative.

About Orion:

Orion Worldwide Innovations, is a startup growth and ecosystem acceleration hub and offers a full-service package to make companies investable and enter the US market, enhance their customer acquisition strategies, stay competitive, and protect their innovation. Orion is a U.S.-based company that was formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and Yerevan, Armenia, though Orion partners with companies and investor networks worldwide.
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