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American Covenant Venture Capital has joined Orion Summit 2023

Tech News
Tech News
12:37, Пятница, 09 Июня, 2023 года
American Covenant Venture Capital has joined Orion Summit 2023

Yerevan, Armenia - American Covenant Venture Capital has joined Orion Summit 2023 as a Platinum Sponsor at the event to be held in New York City this June.

The Orion Summit 2023 participants will also have a meeting-discussion at the Covenant VC on the topic "Alternative Investments as a method to diversify a portfolio." Karl Douglas, Covenant VC’s Chief Investment Strategist and Founding Partner, will moderate the discussion.

Karl Douglas is also one of the keynote speakers at the summit to cover "Innovation and Finance Trends and Their Impact on Our Future" topic. Karl will also participate in a number of roundtable discussions and meetings at the summit. Karl has more than 35 years of experience in technology and finance, held senior positions at top-tier firms such as JP Morgan Securities, Merrill Lynch, and Terra Nova Capital.

Covenant VC’s venture partners Yervand Sarkisyan, Cyrus Moazami, Armen Kherlopian, and Emma Arakelyan will also participate in various panel and roundtable discussions.

Covenant VC provides investors with the unique and exclusive opportunity to invest in a variety of startups alongside some of the top VCs in the world. These investors are typically billionaires, Family Offices, and large institutions, representing the highest levels of capital formation. Сovenant VC is part of the Covenant Financial Group with divisions in Private Equity, Real Estate, and Asset Management, including Family Offices Management.

About Orion:

Orion Worldwide Innovations, is a startup growth and ecosystem acceleration hub and offers a full-service package to make companies investable and enter the US market, enhance their customer acquisition strategies, stay competitive, and protect their innovation. Orion is a U.S.-based company that was formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and Yerevan, Armenia, though Orion partners with companies and investor networks worldwide.

Источник: Orion WI PR Department
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