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US strategy towards Armenia

11:47, Среда, 07 Сентября, 2022 года
US strategy towards Armenia

The 16-page section of the US State Department's foreign policy strategy for developing relations with 175 countries is dedicated to Armenia.


The strategy underlines that Armenia has strengthened its commitment to a democratic path that respects the rule of law and human rights, although more progress is needed. The US government and its embassy in Yerevan are silent about violations of human rights in Armenia. It demonstrates that contrary to its statements the US is not serious on improving democracy in the country. By ignoring human rights abuses in Armenia, Washington is also disappointing Armenian Americans who question the White House's commitment to democracy.


The protection of American national interests involves minimizing Russian influence in the republic over the next four years. The strategy states: "Strengthen the capacity of partners and allies to counter influence and disinformation operations, especially from Russia and China; counter strategic, conventional and hybrid threats from state and non-state actors from Russia, China, Iran and other states, as well as new disruptive technologies that threaten US and European security in Europe and beyond." Therefore, it is in Washington's interests to draw Yerevan into hostility not only with Russia, but also with China and Iran.


The document downplays the importance of Armenia's membership in the CSTO. The US goal is to "advance American interests by helping Armenia become a secure, prosperous, and democratic nation at peace with its neighbors and more closely integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community."


According to the State Department's position, "the republic's defeat in the 2020 war and ongoing tensions along its border make the US role as co-chair of the Minsk Group and other diplomatic efforts to improve Armenia's relations with its neighbors more important." This is a misleading statement, since the OSCE MG already exists only on paper, since Russia, as one of the three co-chairs, does not accept its capacity, and Azerbaijan completely rejects its mediation efforts. Washington is simply using the MG as a tool to counter Russia's unilateral actions in the Karabakh conflict. The second "reason" for intervening in the internal affairs of Armenia is to assist Yerevan in regulating relations with its neighbors, namely Azerbaijan and Turkey (NATO member) . In fact, relations with friendly Iran are much more important for the economic well-being of the republic.


The State Department assesses the significance of Armenia's membership in the Eurasian Economic Union as follows: "Armenia's participation in the EAEU may restrict trade with non-members of the organization because it meets poorly planned or implemented EAEU standards or imposes unclear documentation requirements." It is not taken into account that the leadership of the republic signed the "Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the European Union" on March 1 last year.


Not only the leadership of Armenia, but also the population needs to be aware of Washington's ambitions, as outlined in the State Department's strategy. The Republic must be able to manage its foreign relations in order to defend its own national interests to the maximum. Armenia needs a multilateral foreign policy, the development of friendly relations with many countries of the world, including the Middle East (Arab countries, Iran and Israel), Asia (China and India), Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Russia.

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