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Ineffective slot strategies

22:27, Суббота, 27 Февраля, 2021 года
Ineffective slot strategies

What strategies are overrated, and therefore not worth the effort and money invested. The gambling world is built around various strategies that can help you win at the betting at https://mbk777.com/en/sports-betting on a regular basis. First of all, these strategies are based on the classic casino games: roulette, blackjack, crepes, but many encountered and strategies for playing all your favorite slots. We have tried to figure out what strategy in the slots is overvalued, and therefore not worth the effort and money.
     The Zigzag system
     The zigzag system, according to some experienced players, is absolutely meaningless. Its essence is that the player looks at the reels of several machines at once in order to find a pattern. Let's say he has a task - to find the form of "V" or "X". If it really is, then you can expect a solid payout from the machine. If you take into account the fact that the symbols on the reels - it's only a notation, there will be inconsistency and the perfect picture of the strategy crumbles before his eyes. After all, slot machines can not go to the mode in which they are ready to guarantee the payment. Yes, there is a certain algorithm incorporated by the developers, which is noted in the technical specifications, based on RTP and volatility, but each spin is a completely independent event, and therefore this action can not be predicted or predicted in advance.

The "Exactly 60" system
     Systems involving money management are often presented as an option to exit a gambling system as a winner. In practice, however, things work somewhat differently. The basic idea of money management is that the player sets goals for winning and limits on losing. Limiting the amount of money that can be lost plays an important role. Or finding a point of timely withdrawal from the game in case the player is in the black.

Often such techniques are combined with techniques for predicting the "behavior" of the slot, namely whether it will become cold or hot. Writer and gambler John Patrick published a whole book about all these "strategies", which, in his opinion, are strange and not worth attention.

One of the versions is called "exactly 60. Its essence is that the player needs to exit competently if he won or lost 60% of his own capital. Another condition under this system indicates that if it was made 9 empty spins in a row, you just need to get out of the game. Assuming that the beginning of the session was made with a bankroll of $25, you need to play until one of the events happens:

  • A loss in the amount of $15;
  • a win in the same amount;

Failure in 9 spins, which follow one after the other
     At first glance, the system is simple, and it doesn't take much effort to memorize it. However, the very idea associated with the possibility of a big win or a minimal loss is silly. After all, it does not give the user anything to increase the chances of winning.

The "play and run" system
     Another option, described in the same book, is called "play and run. Its essence is that you can't spend more than 5 or 10 minutes in one slot. At the end of this period, you just have to leave, taking your winnings with you or forgetting about your losses. Patrick recommends dividing the entire bankroll into several sessions, such as 5 or 10, each of which is 5 to 10 minutes in length. The only question is, how exactly will this strategy help you win more money?
     That's right - there is no way

No matter how many different strategies there are online for playing the slots, one thing is important to understand, that the slot is, first and foremost, a game of chance and an opportunity to spend a bright leisure time with a good dose of adrenaline and excitement. It is important to enjoy the game, and there and the winnings come up, which will be a pleasant addition to your game.

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