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14:32, Пятница, 15 Августа, 2014 года

The Armenian National Science & Education Fund invites grant applications for the 2015 competition. Applicants are to submit their applications through the ANSEF website portal, accessed from the top bar of the ANSEF website (www.ansef.org) or directly through the link
     ansef.herokuapp.com. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2014. Competition results will be announced by January 1, 2015. For further questions, contact help@ansef.org.
     If you have applied for an ANSEF grant in the past through our portal, you may use your old account to submit new applications. If you have for***ten your password, the portal allows you reset it and log in with a new password. This allows you to access all your past information in your new proposals. Watch the video tutorials on the portal’s login page for more instructions.
     If you are a new applicant who has not used the ANSEF portal before, you need to use the portal to first register. You will then receive an email to confirm your new account, and then proceed with logging in. For any technical questions about ANSEF portal, please contact website@ansef.org.
     In the field of astronomy and astrophysics, during 2001-2014 ANSEF has supported 38 projects (USD 5000 each; projects by 21 Principal Investigators involving more than 70 scientists), including 32 projects from BAO and 6 from YSU.

Previous winners:
Khachikian E.Ye. (BAO), Mickaelian A.M. (BAO), Saharian A.A. (YSU)
     2002 Hovhannisyan M.A. (BAO), Magakian T.Yu. (BAO), Mickaelian A.M. (BAO), Shahabasyan K.M. (YSU)
     2003 Movsessian T.H. (BAO), Vardanyan Yu.L. (YSU), Zalinian V.P. (BAO)
     2004 Andreasyan R.R. (BAO), Hakopian S.A. (BAO), Ter-Kazarian G.T. (BAO)
     2005 Andreasyan R.R. (BAO), Saharian A.A. (YSU), Sedrakyan D.M. (YSU)
     2006 Mahtesyan A.P. (BAO), Nikoghosyan, E.H. (BAO), Ter-Kazarian G.T. (BAO)
     2007 Balayan S.K. (BAO), Mickaelian A.M. (BAO)
     2008 Nikoghosyan E.H. (BAO), Sadoyan A.A. (YSU)
     2009 Ohanian G.A. (BAO)
     2010 Hakobyan A.A. (BAO), Mahtesyan A.P. (BAO)
     2011 Andreasyan R.R. (BAO), Hakobyan A.A. (BAO), Magakian T.Yu. (BAO), Sargsyan L.A. (BAO)
     2012 Mickaelian A.M. (BAO), Movsessian T.H. (BAO), Yeghikyan A.G. (BAO)
     2013 Balayan S.K. (BAO), Hakobyan A.A. (BAO), Movsessian T.H. (BAO)
     2014 Hakobyan A.A. (BAO), Mickaelian A.M. (BAO)

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