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Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Logan Smith
Logan Smith
13:04, Среда, 27 Июля, 2022 года
Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

All over the world, more and more households and businesses are investing in solar panels to benefit from the most abundant renewable energy source - the sunlight. Apart from this, the solar panel systems increase because the panels' efficiency has increased significantly.

Moreover, many businesses are being pressured by the government to switch to a renewable energy source to reduce their carbon footprint. All this is expected to help in achieving the net-zero ambition to protect the environment.

Many businesses are spending fortunes to set up solar panel plants, however, they are doing minimal to optimize the output of these systems. Hence, the systems do not produce the maximum output they are capable of. If calculated, the lost efficiency is the cost to the business.

Fortunately, increasing solar panel efficiency is not as difficult as developing a music theory. There are several ways businesses can maintain the efficiency of their solar systems. Some of these are explained in the following article.


Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency


Buy More Efficient Solar Panels


Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells. These cells are responsible for collecting sunlight and converting it into usable electrical energy. Unfortunately, these cells can not convert all the sunlight they receive into electricity. Therefore, the efficiency of the panels is the percentage of energy hitting them converted to usable electrical energy.

Solar cell technology has evolved immensely during the last five years. The average solar cell efficiency has increased by 15% to 20%. However, not all solar cells are made equal, as the structure and material of the solar panel determine the model of the system.

Although the initial cost will be high, buying a high-efficiency solar panel will pay you back more for a longer time as compared to cheaper low-efficiency solar panels.


Buy Panels With High Concentration Of PVC Cells


Whether you are opting for a grid-tied solar panel or an off-grid solar panel, its ability to produce electricity depends on the number of photovoltaic cells attached together in the panels.

The principle of CPV cells is to concentrate the sunlight to the maximum level, which otherwise is a very expensive process to use directly. The best traditional solar panels have the highest efficiency of 22%, while the ones with CPV cells are recorded to reach 46% efficiency.

However, keep in mind that greater efficiency brings along a bigger price tag. Normally, a CPV cell panel costs almost 4x compared to the normal photovoltaic cell panel. Although you have limited choice options when it comes to CPV panels, it is still worth buying if you are looking for efficiency after investing your hard-earned money.


Avoid Shaded Installations


Solar panels generate electricity by capturing sunlight. This obviously means that anything that hinders the sunlight approaching the panel is a problem. Many people don’t even know about the adverse effects shade can bring to solar panel efficiency.

Even if one photovoltaic panel or a cell is shaded, it can seriously impact the amount of energy produced and captured by the panel’s cells. If one of the photovoltaic cells is shaded, the neighboring cells will also not work properly, this is because the shaded one acts as a resistor for it.

Tall trees and other tall buildings are the main culprits when it comes to the shading of solar panels. Make sure that you spend proper time on the planning phase of your going-solar project. Make sure to assess the mounting position carefully and ensure that the shade isn’t going to be a problem in the future.


Get An Expert To Install


If solar panels are not installed correctly and at the right angle, they will not receive the optimum sunlight and fail to produce enough electricity.

One of the main factors to consider when installing solar panels is the orientation and angle at which the panels are mounted. Usually, the best angle to get the maximum sunlight is between 18-36 degrees. If your building is in the northern hemisphere, then your panels should be facing south to get the complete sunlight exposure.

Angle is only one aspect, battery installation, proper wiring system, and alignment. Everything involves a lot of technicalities that not everyone can deal with. Therefore, choosing the right solar panel installer in your area is important. The process will need some time and research, but it will pay off greatly in terms of correct installation, less problems, and optimal efficiency.




Going solar is a great way to ease the pressure on both your pocket and the environment. The initial cost of installing solar panels will not hurt when you actually get the result you intended in terms of electricity production. However, for that, you will need to pay attention to small details that can help increase the efficiency of your solar panel system.

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