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15 Virtual Team Quiz Ideas to Make Meetings More Fun and Engaging

15:11, Понедельник, 18 Июля, 2022 года
15 Virtual Team Quiz Ideas to Make Meetings More Fun and Engaging

Are you always looking for ways to infuse an extra dash of energy and excitement in your virtual meetings? Well, now you can with these energizing virtual team quiz ideas.

The current work-from-home scenario has made virtual meetings a big part of business operations. However, meeting in a virtual space comes with its drawbacks, an important one being the lack of personal connection that an in-person meeting provides.

For keeping employees' morale high and keeping everyone engaged, some fun activities need to be conducted involving all those present. A good time to conduct these activities is right at the start of the meeting as an energizer or towards the end as something to look forward to.

A remote team quiz is a great option for such a team building activity that can be adapted well for the virtual world.

Here's the List of 15 Virtual Team Quiz Ideas

  1. Know your teammates
  2. Know your terminology
  3. the world around
  4. current events
  5. general knowledge
  6. fact or myth
  7. Statistics related to your field of work
  8. Themed quizzes
  9. How well do you know your company?
  10. Location-based quiz
  11. Find the one that didn't happen
  12. Positive vibes from the world
  13. Guess the workspace
  14. The client quiz
  15. Know your breast

Why Conduct an Online Quiz for Virtual Teams?

Virtual meetings are a useful tool for regular check-ins within teams and to communicate important updates. But you need to find ways to break the monotony of sitting in front of a screen the entire day. The restrictions imposed by virtual meetings also make team building activities difficult to conduct.

This is where a quiz can be a useful tool. A quiz strikes a balance between being an educational activity and a fun one. If you do your research right, you can present even the most in-depth statistics and data in a fun manner.

Adding the element of competition among your employees can also keep everyone on their toes. Just remember that a quiz is not just about ticking a box when it comes to employee engagement . The objective of having your employees participate and giving them a space to let their hair down is the most important purpose.

Access these numbers before going forward:

  • A study by Harvard Business School found that virtual socializing between team members can improve communication patterns by more than 50 percent.
  • 68% Of Team Leaders Say "Building A Great Team Culture" Is One Of Their Top 3 Priorities. 27% Listed It As The #1 Priority. (Source)

15 Virtual Team Quiz Ideas

1. Know your teammates

You can break the ice between the members of the meeting through a quiz around each of their personalities, habits, and manner of working. The team members themselves can share the answers when the spotlight is placed on them. This is a kind of online quiz for team building that makes your employees feel valued and showcases the importance of their unique personalities to the organization.

2. Know your terminology

A virtual team quiz with an emphasis on the terminology common to your area of work is another good way to combine fun and learning. In case your organization works with sports, for example, you can have employees guess the meaning of terms such as eagle, home run, wicket, etc., based on the sports you cover.

This creates a space for experienced employees to share their knowledge with those who are new to the field.

3. The world around

A remote working quiz involving questions about different parts of the world, the differences between various cultures, understanding local traditions, etc., can expose employees to how things work in the world at large. This information can be invaluable while conducting international business.

However, even without that end goal in mind, it is a great way to get them to think beyond just the places you operate in and expand their horizons.

4. Current events

Sifting through all the news on television, social media, and newspapers to find information that is relevant to you can be a time-consuming task. Why not give your employees their weekly dose of news by conducting a quiz around current events pertaining to your area of work?

You can even expand this idea to include important events shaping the world in the fields of technology, politics, or any other field that they may be interested in knowing about.

5. General knowledge

One of the simplest and most fun virtual team quiz ideas is to just conduct a general knowledge quiz. Though the questions might seem easy to some, they may test others out.

It is also a great way for employees with diverse interests to showcase their knowledge in their area of interest.

6. Fact or myth

It can be difficult to separate facts from fiction in today’s time with the amount of misinformation going around. You can clear the confusion between the two by conducting a quiz that has employees guess whether a particular piece of information is a fact or just a myth that has been going around.

You can also end the myth-busting session by mentioning the underlying facts on which the myths might be built on.

7. Statistics related to your field of work

Statistics are not everyone’s cup of tea. But when presented interestingly and backed by a spirit of competition, they can be a welcome addition to your virtual meeting quiz ideas. You can include statistics around the trends in your area of work, competitor numbers, the performance of your industry as a whole over the past few weeks, months, or years.

Anything out of the ordinary that you think can take your employees by surprise is also a good addition.

8. Themed quizzes

A work from home funny quiz can involve different themes as well. A movie quiz, music quiz, Disney quiz, food quiz, animals and birds quiz, etc., all come under this category. Themed quizzes are an excellent way to include the interests of your employees outside work.

You can put out an organization-wide survey to understand the interests of different employees and teams so that you can include some of them in your themed quizzes.

9. How well do you know your company?

A good way to touch upon the company’s values, mission, vision, performance, etc., is by conducting a quiz around information related to the company itself. This is one of those virtual team quiz ideas that can serve multiple purposes for an organization.

The emphasis, though, has to be on keeping things fun by highlighting obscure statistics or keeping certain answer options light-hearted rather than making them only informative.

10. Location-based quiz

Information around the location your organization is based in, or even the location of your parent organization can make your remote team quiz informative and fun. This is a good way for employees to know more about the kind of external ecosystem the organization exists in.

11. Find the one that didn’t happen

Alternate ways to include some fun quiz questions for virtual meetings can be through a quiz that presents multiple facts to your employees where the emphasis is on selecting those that did not take place.

This kind of quiz can throw up some funny answers based on your research. It can also serve to widen your team’s understanding of the things that are possible.

12. Positive vibes from the world

Virtual meetings can be a good way to lift the spirits of your employees. An online team building quiz that strays away from the negative information that we are surrounded by and instead highlights positive happenings from the past week or month can serve this purpose.

This also helps to maintain a hopeful attitude in your employees through a difficult time.

13. Guess the workspace

Each of your employees is sure to have a different way of maintaining their workspace according to their personality. A nice way to showcase the differences in personalities among employees is a work from home funny quiz where you show images of different workstations either from the office or sourced from the employees themselves and have everyone guess the person whose workstation it is.

This quiz also has the potential to throw up some surprising and funny results, making it a great way to interact with your employees informally.

14. The client quiz

Another team-building online quiz can be about the clients or other companies you work with. While the general information about your clients could be common knowledge among your employees, you can include statistics and facts that they might not have known about.

This will give them additional background on the clients they work with, so they can communicate more effectively with them going forward.

15. Know your meme

Meme culture has been on the rise among millennials and a quiz around the latest memes going around is a good way to make them feel included in the virtual meetings.

Many fun quiz questions for virtual meetings try to present serious information in a funny manner. But a quiz around memes can be purely for entertainment so that employees can unwind and test their knowledge of popular culture.

The Element of Fun

As you feel more at ease with conducting an online quiz for virtual teams, you will start to get ideas of your own depending on employee responses and your company’s field of work. When such inspiration strikes, don’t be afraid to leave this list behind and take off to explore your own ideas. The more inspiring the idea is to you, the more engaging it is likely to be for your employees as well.

A virtual team meeting can be much more than just a place to share updates and information. An online quiz can be a great energizer to make it an interactive and participative space.

As virtual technology evolves further, it has introduced some innovative ways to have fun virtually. Our Trivia quizzes and games will be a great way for the employees to interact, unwind, and feel good.

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