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How to choose the best hotel in Yerevan?

15:45, cuma, 22 mart, 2019
How to choose the best hotel in Yerevan?

     The right choice of the hotel is the best guarantee of the best rest. We often do not pay much attention to the choice hotel, but when we arrive a number of problems occur and instead of enjoying our rest, we get nervous and angry.

Let's find out exactly what criteria are important when choosing a hotel.

Your budget

How much money are you going to spend on the hotel? A good hotel is not always expensive and the expensive hotel is not always the best either or does correspond to your expectations. Therefore, we advise you not to pay too much attention to the stars, you should just study the services of the hotel, look carefully at the photos and try to figure out how long they have been made, read comments on quality, staff, and other important things.

     Food system:

BB - breakfast,

HB - two-course food,

FB - full meals (three times a day) and "all-inclusive" system.

When you are in Armenia, you will not have any problems with food as Armenian dishes are mostly healthy, they are not exotic and, in addition, Armenian hotels are also rich in European dishes.

If you intend not to go out of the hotel, then choose HB or FB options.


Check in and Check out

Most of the guests enter the hotel at 14: 00, and leave the room at 12: 00. If your aeroplane arrives earlier than 14: 00 and if you do not want to wait until you enter your room, then be ready to pay.

If your aeroplane arrives later than 14: 00 and you do not want to free your room on time, then they will ask you to pay for extra hours.

Additional services

If you are planning to come to Armenia in hot weather, make sure the hotel has an air conditioner. When visiting Armenia in winter, be sure that the hotel has a Heating System.

Learn if there is a safe in your room? Although Armenia is a safe country, hotels are so safe that there is often no need for a safe.

The location of the hotel is very important, especially when staying in a hotel in Yerevan. The hotel in Yerevan should be located in the centre as most of the entertainment centres are situated in the centre, and it is much easier to get to the centre from anywhere.

The best hotel in Yerevan

One of the best hotels in Armenia is Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan. Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan is located in the heart of the city, in the northern avenue, near the Republic Square.

Our address is Northern Avenue 11, so visit Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan and enjoy a pleasant stay in a fantastic place in the very heart of Yerevan.

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