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Armenia with Kids: Places to Explore with the Family

16:47, çarşamba, 17 nisan, 2019
Armenia with Kids: Places to Explore with the Family

     Armenia is a land full of sun, antiquity and riddles. Little tourist will have something interesting to see and do in Armenia. Maybe the ruins of ancient fortresses will not be so interesting for the baby, but splashing in the warm Lake Sevan will!

Besides that, there are too many things to do with kids in Armenia in order not to miss the amazing nature, ancient architecture and fun places!

Yerevan Zoo

In the capital of Armenia - Yerevan, be sure to visit the Yerevan Zoo with 3000 animals and birds. Do not lose your chance to visit terrarium as well.
     Yerevan Zoo was established over 60 years ago and it is a collection of various animals, both from the Caucasus region and from all continents of the world.

It is worth mentioning that Yerevan Zoo is regularly updated with new animals, and even with those animals which are listed in the Red Book.
     You can also find too many merry-go-rounds in the park of Yerevan Zoo.

Address: 20 Myasnikyan Ave, Yerevan 0025

Yerevan Puppet Theatre

Yerevan State Puppet Theatre after H. Tumanyan is ready to welcome little ones and amaze you with the cutest performances! It’s not a problem if your kid does not know Armenian, he/she will surely understand the well-known performances.

Yerevan State Puppet Theater was founded in 1935, June 1 in Yerevan. The theatre has made its first steps with "Naughty Peter" and "Dog and Cat". But today there is a great list of performances.

At Yerevan State Puppet Theater there is a museum named after Pavlos Boroyan, where about 200 exhibits are presented. So, besides enjoying an interesting performance, you will have a good opportunity to explore the museum.

Address: 4 Sayat-Nova Ave, Yerevan 0009


Cityzen is a children’s city of professions! Here all the children will find their professions, play and enjoy themselves. Citizen is the biggest interactive-developing project in Armenia, designed for children age of 4-14.

It is a small model of a city with its infrastructures, laws and establishments. A safe, educative and at the same time entertaining atmosphere is created in Cityzen.

Address: 35 Acharyan str., Yerevan, Armenia

Take our family tour to Armenia and enjoy your rest with kids!

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