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SADA Achieves Over 300% Increase in Generative AI and Machine Learning Projects in 2023

Tech News
Tech News
14:14, çarşamba, 27 mart, 2024
SADA Achieves Over 300% Increase in Generative AI and Machine Learning Projects in 2023

SADA, An Insight company, a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner has achieved over 300% increase in generative AI and machine learning Projects in 2023, the company said in a press release.

The company announces continued momentum powered by rapid scale in its Generative AI (GenAI) and machine learning operations as customers transform with Google Cloud’s Gemini and Vertex AI platform, propelling a significant increase in customer adoption of these GenAI technologies.

"Our continued growth is a testament to SADA’s commitment to delivering business outcomes and driving value to customers by providing industry-leading solutions and services, " said Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA. "We strive to be true business partners to our customers as they modernize, innovate, and grow their business with us and Google Cloud."

SADA presented several examples of customer success stories, among them GoEasyCare platform, Questrade, and Hexact companies.

Thus, SADA has increased AI and ML customer projects by 306%, year over year. This rise in production is driven by GenAI service engagements. Additionally, the company doubled pre-sales and technical resources to drive GenAI opportunities from ideation to production to ROI. GenAI presales engineers are available to support existing and prospective customers throughout the entire process.

Besides, SADA is one of the first companies globally equipped to protect customers’ data and systems against evolving security threats. SADA’s Cloud Security Confidence Program includes a Confidence Assessment for organizations to generate a security confidence score and participate in a threat-hunting exercise by SADA security experts.

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