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Crypto Cash: A Guide to Withdrawing from Coinsource ATMs

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16:04, salı, 19 aralık, 2023
Crypto Cash: A Guide to Withdrawing from Coinsource ATMs

Crypto Cash: A Guide to Withdrawing from Coinsource ATMs


So you've dabbled in the world of cryptocurrency, bought some Bitcoin, and now need some good old-fashioned fiat currency? Coinsource ATMs offer a convenient way to cash out your digital assets, but the process might seem unfamiliar if you're a crypto newbie. Don't worry, this guide will walk you through the steps, making your Coinsource ATM experience smooth and stress-free.


Note: If you encounter difficulties with Coinsource atm, don't hesitate to reach out to our Coinsource Customer Service provider via call or chat.


Step 1: Account Setup (Skip if you're a Coinsource veteran)


Before heading to the ATM, set up your Coinsource account online at https://coinsource.net/. It's quick and easy, just have your ID and a selfie ready for verification. This step saves time at the machine and simplifies future transactions.


Step 2: Locate Your ATM:


Head to https://coinsource.net/bitcoin-atm-locations to find the Coinsource ATM closest to you. These machines are popping up everywhere, so finding one shouldn't be a hassle.


Step 3: Gear up


Make sure you have your smartphone handy, with your preferred crypto wallet app open and the QR code displayed. You'll also need your government-issued ID, the one you used for your Coinsource account verification.


Step 4: ATM Time!


1. Welcome Screen: The Coinsource ATM will greet you with a friendly interface. Select "Sell Bitcoin" or your preferred cryptocurrency.


2. Phone Verification: Enter the phone number you used for your Coinsource account and then input the verification code sent via SMS.


3. Wallet Scan: Use the ATM's scanner to scan the QR code displayed on your crypto wallet app. This directs the Bitcoin (or other crypto) you want to sell to the ATM


4. Transaction Details: Confirm the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell and the estimated cash payout. Remember, Coinsource has daily limits, so keep an eye on those numbers


5. Identity Check: Scan your government-issued ID and follow the on-screen prompts for a quick verification.


6. Cash Time! Insert your desired amount of cash within the daily limit. Coinsource ATMs accept bills from $5 to $100


7. Receipt and Confirmation. Once everything's good, the ATM will dispense your cash and print a receipt. Keep both of these for your records


8. Bonus Tip: You should receive a confirmation text within minutes. Double-check your transaction details just to be safe.


And that's it! You've successfully converted your cryptocurrency into cold, hard cash at a Coinsource ATM. Remember, fees may apply, so check the screen carefully before confirming your transaction.


Reference from: https://www.apsense.com/article/how-to-withdraw-cash-from-a-coinsource-atm.html


Additional Notes:

  • Coinsource ATMs require a minimum withdrawal amount of $20.

  • You can withdraw up to $8, 500 per day with your Coinsource account.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) verification may be required for larger withdrawals.


With this guide in hand, you're all set to conquer the Coinsource ATM and convert your crypto to cash with confidence. So go forth, cash out, and enjoy the fruits of your digital investments!

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