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Orion Score has been launched. It assesses the investment attractiveness of startups

Tech News
Tech News
13:44, çarşamba, 26 temmuz, 2023
Orion Score has been launched. It assesses the investment attractiveness of startups

Yerevan, Armenia- The Orion Score platform for assessing the investability of startups has been launched. The presentation of the newly created platform took place during the Orion Summit 2023 in New York City on June 22nd.

Orion Score assesses the investment potential of startups through a comprehensive evaluation process. The scoring system takes into account the factors that are essential for the accelerated growth of the startup.

Any startup can get its Orion Score by registering on the orionscore.com platform.

Orion Score is an AI-enabled SaaS platform. The scoring formula is defined by expert venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, as well as historical data analysis of startups that have become unicorns or have had extraordinary exits.

"Besides receiving a score, Orion Score shows startups their weaknesses and strengths and offers actionable steps on how to increase their investability, " said Diana Arzumanyan, Co-founder and CEO of Orion Score Corporation.

"We have created a SaaS platform for startups, where in a few minutes, startups can see the investment attractiveness of their startup from the investor’s point of view. We have cooperated with experts who have navigated the way from idea to unicorn for many startups. As a result, through Orion Score, startups can receive a score and improvement recommendation in a few minutes, which previously would have required weeks and considerable effort, " said Andranik Yeritsyan, Co-Founder and CTO of Orion Score Corporation.

The scoring platform can be used by startups and investors. Scores are given in a range of 0-500. The scores of the startups are collected by evaluating five main sections: 1) startup leadership and team, experience, and track record, 2) financials, 3) growth potential and business model, 4) competitive advantages and risks, and 5) innovation component.

"The scoring platform includes five sections that are based on more than 50 factors that score startups as accurately as possible, helping founders and investors move forward with decisions. The Orion Score is to become the standard tool for evaluating, accelerating, and funding innovation. Many companies and accelerator programs around the world somehow evaluate the investment potential of startups. At the moment, there is no unified standard for evaluating startups, such as Fico Score, a credit rating system. In that sense, Orion Score fills that gap, " said Emma Arakelyan, Co-Founder and Chief Business and Investment Officer of Orion Score Corporation.

About Orion Score

Orion Score is a platform for assessing the investment attractiveness of startups, created in collaboration between Orion Worldwide Innovations and DMS™ - Decision Making Software. Orion Score Corporation was founded in 2023. The company’s mission is to simplify things, so that startup founders can get expert insights on how to navigate their way from idea to unicorn.
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