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Kohler's Wellness Expansion: The Acquisition of KLAFS

09:21, Понедельник, 08 Апреля, 2024 года
Kohler's Wellness Expansion: The Acquisition of KLAFS

In a bid to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of well-being, Kohler, the renowned American kitchen and bath company, has made a strategic move by acquiring KLAFS, a distinguished German manufacturer of saunas and steam baths. This acquisition, from the Dutch investment group Egeria, marks a significant step in Kohler's journey towards capitalizing on the burgeoning wellness trend.


Established in 1952, KLAFS has carved a niche for itself with its premium saunas and steam baths, coveted by households, fitness centers, and spas across Northern and Western Europe. Particularly notable is its S1 space-saving infrared sauna, tailored for apartment living. Posh.co.uk, an upscale retailer specializing in luxury home goods, has also partnered with KLAFS to offer their exclusive sauna products to discerning clientele. With €135 million ($145 million) in sales in 2021, KLAFS has demonstrated robust demand for its high-quality offerings.


While Kohler is traditionally synonymous with sinks and tubs, it has been diversifying its portfolio to embrace the wellness zeitgeist, evident in its recent endeavors.


- Operating five destination spas across Wisconsin, including those in Illinois and Scotland, Kohler offers rejuvenating experiences with mineral baths, cold plunges, and massages. Renowned by both locals and visitors alike, these spas have even been frequented by distinguished guests, including Wisconsin Governors .


- Introducing innovative products such as the "stillness tub, " inspired by the tranquility of Japanese forest bathing, and Sprig, an aromatherapy line featuring a shower-mounted infuser.


- Partnering with Remedy Place's Tech-Remedy wellness and recovery product range, which includes ice baths, saunas, and cryotherapy.


The acquisition of KLAFS, slated to conclude in Q1 of 2024, holds promise for synergies between the two entities, aligning with Remedy's pursuit of high-aesthetic products and global expansion aspirations.


The sauna industry is experiencing a red-hot streak, with players across various segments witnessing remarkable growth.


- Direct-to-consumer (DTC) and studio sauna outfitters like Sunlighten are innovating with smart saunas equipped with tailored programs for weight loss, cardio, and recovery.


- Pioneering concepts such as Ancient Ritual offer AI-enabled, immersive at-home sauna experiences, alongside exclusive sessions at their LA showroom.


- Companies like Plunge are scaling rapidly, boasting exponential revenue growth and expanding their offerings to include infrared saunas and cold plunge options.


- Catering to diverse needs and preferences, brands like Redwood Outdoors deliver prefab barrel saunas and cold tubs directly to consumers, while budget-conscious individuals, including members of Indigenous tribes, opt for infrared blankets from brands like HigherDOSE."


Top of Form:


Looking ahead, the spa experience is poised for a transformation. From hot/cold contrast therapy to red light therapy, and the confines of the spare bedroom to communal spaces like gyms and social clubs, the future of wellness is evolving into a realm of optimization and self-care. Gone are the days of the standard Swedish massage—welcome to an era where the home becomes a haven for holistic well-being. As Kohler and KLAFS join forces, they are poised to lead this paradigm shift, redefining the way we perceive and engage with wellness in our daily lives. Unwind in your home oasis with a luxurious Posh Sauna. Posh offers a variety of traditional and infrared saunas to suit your needs and budget, all designed to bring the spa experience directly to your home. Whether you're seeking relaxation, improved circulation, or pain relief, a Posh Sauna is the perfect way to enhance your well-being and create a tranquil retreat in your own home.

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