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Why you need a platform that provides anonymous employee feedback?
16:19, salı, 17 оcak, 2023
To know what otherwise might go unheard Wherever there is an open and anonymous employee feedback tool and a platform where your employees will try and elaborate as much as they can. They will ...
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5 Instant Benefits of On-the-Spot Recognition
17:07, perşembe, 15 aralık, 2022
On-the-spot recognition can feel awkward at first. Why? Because traditional attitudes towards workplace recognition have conditioned us to wait — or not say thank you at all! Everywhere ...
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6 Steps to Maximizing Employee Feedback From Pulse Surveys
18:04, salı, 29 kasım, 2022
Our company, Brenthaven started using TINYpulse over a year ago because we wanted a way to hear what employees were concerned about and their thoughts on how to make our company a better place to ...
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How to Use Manager Feedback Tools to Enhance Performance
16:09, salı, 15 kasım, 2022
Just like employees, every good manager needs regular feedback. But unlike employees, managers have to find time to get it. If you're a manager, there are many things on your plate. You have ...
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Measuring Company Culture: What, Why, and How
15:12, çarşamba, 19 ekim, 2022
Company culture has changed considerably over the last couple of years and it has not gone unnoticed by employees. In fact, 1 in 3 employees say their culture has changed dramatically in the past ...
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What is HR Software [Definition, Examples, & More]
14:17, salı, 20 eylül, 2022
What Is HR Software? HR software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily human resources tasks and overall HR goals of an organization. HR software makes it possible for HR ...
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HR for Startups: A Guide to Setting Up the HR Function
12:00, cuma, 09 eylül, 2022
Large companies typically have multiple HR professionals to manage their HR function. But startups are different. Typically, they work with a tight budget, are laser-focused on growing their ...
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6 Reasons Anonymous Employee Feedback Will Improve Engagement
14:38, pazartesi, 22 ağustos, 2022
At risk of sounding repetitive, something we've said before will always bear repeating – adopting the most innovative technology, systems, and procedures will do you little ...
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What are the benefits of HR software?
17:41, perşembe, 28 temmuz, 2022
Unsure whether to take the plunge and invest in HR software? With so many kinds of tech out there, it can be difficult to work out what will benefit your business the most. Read on to learn more ...
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15 Virtual Team Quiz Ideas to Make Meetings More Fun and Engaging
15:11, pazartesi, 18 temmuz, 2022
Are you always looking for ways to infuse an extra dash of energy and excitement in your virtual meetings? Well, now you can with these energizing virtual team quiz ideas. The current ...
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6 Tips For Handling Employee Complaints
09:39, cuma, 08 temmuz, 2022
As a human resources professional, you may sometimes wonder how to respond to employee complaints, especially if you get one or two every day. Depending on the gravity of the situation, you may be ...
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10 Powerful Reasons Highlighting The Importance Of Team Building
11:19, perşembe, 30 haziran, 2022
You must have heard this phrase countless times. What does it mean? Simply that you can achieve your biggest obstacles if you have a team that shares a common goal and works together to achieve ...
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