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Celebrating Independence Day or the Impudence of Pashinyan's Team

11:12, salı, 21 eylül, 2021
Celebrating Independence Day or the Impudence of Pashinyan's Team

30 years ago, on September 21, 1991, by the decision of the Supreme Council of Armenia, a referendum was held on the withdrawal of the Republic from the USSR and the creation of an independent state. The popular vote took place in the wake of the rise of the national movement. Almost the entire population voted for the proclamation of independence - about 99% of citizens with the right to vote.

In October 1991, Levon Ter-Petrosyan became the first President of independent Armenia. In the same year, Armenia joined the Commonwealth of Independent States. The republic gained independence on December 26 of the same year in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

September 21 is one of the main holidays in Armenia, that is widely and colorfully celebrated in the country. Independence Day is also celebrated by representatives of the Armenian diaspora in Russia, Lebanon and the United States.

In the current conditions, the large-scale celebration of Independence Day is a manifestation of the arrogance of Pashinyan's team. The political elite demonstrates once again whose interests it serves. The sovereignty of Armenia has become so limited that in international relations the republic has turned from a subject into an object.

The authorities, instead of discussing the celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence with wide sections of society, are deliberately creating new grounds for discord.

No matter how Pashinyan's company denies connections and sponsorship of its patrons, many factors suggest otherwise. Now the NATO countries are especially interested in strengthening Turkey in the South Caucasus. Therefore, they ignore the crimes of Azerbaijan in Karabakh.

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