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Iran deepens cooperation with Armenia

18:18, cuma, 02 temmuz, 2021
Iran deepens cooperation with Armenia

In the current geopolitical situation, Iran plays a certain role in ensuring the security and territorial integrity of Armenia. The creation of a free economic zone in Meghri, through which Azerbaijan wants to conduct the "Zangezur Corridor", is important in the political containment of Azerbaijan.

In Vienna, since April, face-to-face ne***iations have been conducted with the aim of restoring the nuclear agreement in its original form: lifting US sanctions against Iran, fulfilling Iran's nuclear obligations, and returning the United States to the deal. Representatives of the JCPOA member states are also holding separate consultations with the US delegation without Iranian involvement.

The expected lifting by Washington of major sanctions against Iran opens up broad prospects for intensifying regional cooperation, and Armenia, as the closest neighbor of the Islamic Republic, can derive significant benefits from this "thaw" if certain factors are present, in particular, against the background of Turkey's expansionist ambitions.

Iran stands for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Armenia. Armenia is an alternative to Turkish-Azerbaijani communications, and the Iranians do not want this alternative to disappear or be threatened.

The lifting of the anti-Iranian sanctions stimulates a certain growth of the Armenian-Iranian trade turnover. Armenia is the only EAEU country that borders Iran. There is great potential for trilateral cooperation in the Armenia-Russia-Iran format.

Nevertheless, the Armenian leadership is trying to build relations with Iran so as not to harm Russian interests. With the flexible and professional work of the Armenian diplomacy, this is quite possible.

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