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The primary tasks of modernization of the Armed Forces of Armenia

12:24, pazartesi, 21 haziran, 2021
The primary tasks of modernization of the Armed Forces of Armenia

With the change in the political situation in Armenia, the issue of modernization of the army is becoming particularly relevant. It affects all areas – legislative, structural and the university system.

The army does not need to be revived. It was not defeated. It should be re-equipped.

It is necessary to radically strengthen the capabilities of the intelligence system at all levels. At the tactical level it is necessary to pay attention to the issues of counter-battery warfare. This is the identification of enemy artillery locations for subsequent attacks on these points.

The problem of developing unmanned aircraft is particularly acute. The Armenian Armed Forces are equipped with drones of their own production, but their number must be increased to hundreds of units of different classes-both for solving reconnaissance tasks and for launching strikes. It is possible to purchase medium and heavy class drones from Russia. The potential of joint Armenian-Russian production of unmanned aerial vehicles is growing.

In general, Russia expresses its readiness to continue contributing to the increase of Armenia's military potential.

An important factor in ensuring Armenia's security is the maintenance of short-range air defense systems, namely the Pantsir-S and Tunguska anti-aircraft missile systems, in a combat-ready state with subsequent modernization to combat small-sized and low-speed targets.

Moreover Armenia needs to upgrade and increase its tank fleet. The basis of this fleet is made up of T-72 tanks of early releases. Today they do not meet modern requirements. It is necessary to carry out their deep modernization to the level of T-72b3 or purchase T-90 tanks.

Solving all these problems requires a lot of money. With the desire and political will these funds will be found. One of the potential sources is the pockets of some moneybags who have become so under murky circumstances.

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