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Why is my Gmail not working on my Android?

09:29, pazartesi, 09 kasım, 2020
Why is my Gmail not working on my Android?

Gmail, one of the most prominent email service providers, also comes up with its own share of issues. There are times when its stops working suddenly due to certain reasons and the keeps on asking why is my Gmail not working on Android. If you are also a Gmail user who is facing similar sort of issues while using it on Android devices, this short blog is just a must-read for you. Here, we have discussed common reasons behind the problem along with a basic troubleshooting guide. So, we would recommend you to go through the points below to know more about the tips that fixes Gmail not working problem once and for all.

Common Reasons behind Gmail not working on Android:

1. Improper configuration and faulty IMAP or POP settings

2. Poor internet connection

3. Gmail not able to sync

4. Wrong or incorrect login credentials

5. Operating System is not supportive

6. Piled up cookies, cache, and other temporary files

7. App is outdated


If Gmail is not working on Android, try these steps to fix:

1. The first and the foremost thing that you need to try is to check if the internet connection is stable or not. We would also recommend you to switch to a stable source of internet to get rid of the problem

2. Make sure that the Gmail App that you have been using is not outdated and is updated time-to-time. You can check the updates through the Google Play Store itself. If you find that the app is outdated, try to update it as soon as possible, and then try to use Gmail. In most cases, the issue gets resolved by updating the system.

3. You should also try to restart the device. At some point of time, it happens when you haven’t restarted the devices for a longer period. So, just give it a try to restart the device.

4. Also, you should also ensure that if you are opening Gmail on Android device through browser, you have cleared all the piled up cookies, caches, and temporary files.

The above-given hacks are quite simple and easily practicable. So, next time if you are stuck with similar sort of issues, try to fix the problem of Gmail not working with the tips that are given above.
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