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11 Ways to Satisfy Your Wife in Bed, Your Husband Don't Be Prestigious !

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General Solusindo
08:44, salı, 14 temmuz, 2020
11 Ways to Satisfy Your Wife in Bed, Your Husband Don't Be Prestigious !

11 Ways to Satisfy Your Wife in Bed, Your Husband Don't Be Prestigious!

Not only the husband who wants to be satisfied in bed. Wife's sexual needs must also be considered. Surveys show, about 34% of women lose interest in having sex after being married for 1 year. It could be that there is something wrong with the way a husband satisfies his wife in bed. For husbands, recognize how to satisfy the following wife!


Sometimes, a sense of pride can make a husband discouraged to take the initiative in bed. When a husband is "passive", sexual intercourse can be boring. The worst possibility, the wife can not reach orgasm. Of course, this is also a nightmare for husbands. Therefore, understand how to satisfy his wife in this bed carefully, so that domestic relations become more harmonious.


1. Start from sexting

How to satisfy the wife does not always begin in bed. Sometimes, sexting (activities to send messages, sensual photos or videos) can be done before the long-awaited night arrives.

A simple message like, "Can't wait to see you in bed tonight" can make your wife feel excited, even before you both enter the room.

As a couple, of course you and your wife already understand the things that make each other aroused. Therefore, start there!

In addition, planning to do in your sexual relationship can also be a way to stimulate your wife.


2. Foreplay is not just a movement

Warming up in a sexual relationship (foreplay) is not only done by stimulating the vital parts of a partner. Removing clothes and covering the body of the wife slowly, can also be a way to satisfy the wife in bed.

Although it sounds trivial, helping his wife to undress before sexual intercourse, can be a way to satisfy a wife that is worth a try.


3. Using sexy clothes

Who says a husband can't look sexy in clothes, in his wife's eyes? Sexy underwear not only for women, but also for men.

If you find panties that are suitable and look sexy in the eyes of your wife, wear them. How to satisfy this wife sounds trivial, but you will never know the impact before trying.


4. Let the wife "rule"

Sometimes, a husband's ego can make him manage all activities that occur in sexual relations. In fact, the wife can also "power" in sexual relations, and determine who can stimulate themselves.

How to satisfy this wife, making your partner can adjust the intensity to the speed of sexual relations, even choose sexual positions that he likes. Do not be "stingy" towards him, always remember that the wife also needs to be satisfied in bed, not only men.


5. Massaging the legs

Having sex before sex is very important. Foreplay can be done in various forms, one of which is massaging the wife's feet. Start from the thigh to the ankle, gently. This form of foreplay is believed to make a wife aroused and ready to have sex.


6. Don't be shy about asking

Your ignorance in satisfying your wife, can make sexual intercourse not run smoothly. Ask about things that make a wife aroused, and do it. Because, the wife will appreciate the husband who wants to know how to stimulate it.


7. Focus on quality, not quantity

Believe me, there are lots of foreplay movements that your husband can do. But what is the meaning of the amount of foreplay, if not done properly and correctly?

Improve your ability to do foreplay, so that your wife can be satisfied, even before intercourse.


8. Don't just focus on the clitoris

Mistakes that are often made by the husband when having sex with his wife is to forget the labia, and focus on the clitoris to satisfy the wife. In fact, the labia or the external genitalia of women, have many nerve endings. If stimulated properly by your fingers, this technique can be an effective way to satisfy your wife.


9. "Explore" the whole body of the wife

Don't focus too much on the vagina. Because, a woman's entire body is "covered" in erogenous zones such as the neck, thighs and breasts.

Before you focus on the most vital part of your wife, explore her body from top to bottom so that she can be aroused.


10. Be careful when talking during sexual relations

One mistake that comes out during sexual intercourse, can make the mood and intimacy felt by his wife, dropped dramatically. Therefore, think first before talking during sexual intercourse. However, do not be silent a thousand words. Words are still needed to stimulate the psychological side of the wife during intercourse.


11. Choose a location that warms the atmosphere

If your wife feels bored having sex in the room, maybe you can choose a sofa in the television room or other places in the house. Because, feeling bored with the same place of sexual intercourse, can make a wife so not aroused.


Female stimulation point that you can touch

In addition to the clitoris and g-spot, there are still many female stimulation points that you can touch. The following are some sections that you can try.

  • Arm and armpit inside
  • Inner wrist
  • Palms and fingertips
  • The back of the knee
  • The areola (the part that surrounds the nipple) and the nipple
  • Lip
  • Neck
  • The inside of the thigh
  • The bottom of the foot and fingers

A woman's body is filled with sexual areas waiting to be explored by her husband. Take your time to understand it, while launching ways to satisfy his wife above.

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