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Armenian-Iranian cooperation is at stake

13:38, pazartesi, 13 temmuz, 2020
Armenian-Iranian cooperation is at stake

In the wake of coronavirus geopolitics, the United States tries to put pressure on Iran’s partners in order to weaken the position of the nuclear power country in the international arena.
     Armenia realizes that the next campaign that pose Iran as a threat represent a game on the US field. Nevertheless, under the influence of others players the leadership of Armenia can be drawn into this process.
     The indisputable truth says: getting involved in other people's games has cruel consequences, which can fall one after another.
     The strategy of the American establishment is to persuade Yerevan to abandon the import of Iranian gas and export electricity to Iran. The Metsamor NPP will also subsequently close, the United States will attract EU countries to its side.
     As it will affect the Armenian economy, it is unlikely that anyone in the United States cares. Across the ocean, they act on the principle of timely activation of hidden springs, which set in motion mechanisms for conducting hybrid wars.
     Today, Armenia is one of the countries that maintain and expand economic relations with Iran, regardless of the sanction pressure. The republic annually imports about 0.5 billion cubic meters of Iranian natural gas. Only a quarter of the electricity produced at the Metsamor NPP is supplied to Iran, so connecting the potential disagreement in Armenian-Iranian relations with the closure of the nuclear power plant is at least illogical from the American side.
     It is worth recognizing that the geopolitical agenda has smoothly entered the domestic political life of Armenia. While it is used as an external resource for the struggle for power. But the possible consequences of this phenomenon are unlikely to be limited to domestic political frameworks.

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