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Armenia's Unemployment: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

12:57, pazartesi, 29 haziran, 2020
Armenia's Unemployment: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

During the state of emergency in Armenia, 12 thousand people lost their jobs. In the worst-case scenario, by the end of this year this figure may increase to 40 thousand people.

The government should admit that current anti-crisis measures are like a drop in the ocean. They can only solve (but not prevent) some of the consequences of the socio-economic crisis.

How did it happen that the republic’s leadership showed much more inspiration and excitement in struggle for power than in solution of real problems? Obviously, the reason is a high level of satisfaction with their own situation and a hedonistic desire to enjoy life. Nevertheless, the coronacrisis amends the personal plans of the prime minister, his team and other powerful people.

On June 22, Nikola Pashinyan, anticipating the growth of public discontent, states: "But our main plan is to try to create jobs for our citizens in Armenia so that they will have a chance to work here, rather than outside Armenia".

The key word is TRY. That’s why Armenian citizens do not trust and seek to leave the country. However, potential migrants should consider the high unemployment rate in Europe (especially in Germany) and the United States. Furthermore, when US President Donald Trump signed a decree on the suspension of the issuance of certain categories of work visas and the extension of restrictions on green cards. For many citizens of Armenia it became clear that they should not count on finding a better life in the States.
     Along with this, the news about the sudden termination by the Armenian Embassy in the Russian Federation of registration of citizens for returning from Russia makes people wonder whether it is appropriate to leave their homeland for those who plan to return. This is especially true for those who leave their families for temporary work.
     "In the situation caused by the pandemic, unfortunately, it is not considered expedient to ensure the return of all comers by charter flights, " the embassysaid.
     That’s why repatriates do not return.

Of course, if you don’t start with yourself it’s very easy to find those who are responsible for all troubles. The possible change in power is also not a solution. It certainly won’t save Armenians from unemployment. Unless you consider the reward that some people have the opportunity to receive for the promotion of others to power.
     So far, we should observe the implementation by the country's leadership of the promised 100 programs in the field of capital construction. Also monitor how the government will be busy for two months compiling the indicators and finding out how many people have saved their jobs, but left without a salary for the pandemic period.

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